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The Festiveness

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Merry Christmas,

It was a very busy month. Many events happened throughout the whole December. Let’s start from the first thing. It was not really an event but eventually it turned out that I wouldn’t get a job offer from Match2One after my internship. This was due to the lack of budget. Well, there was no one to blame and they already told me in the beginning that it could happen. So I had to start looking for a full-time position as soon as possible because my time in Sweden was running out. For the last two weeks, I already had 4 interviews and would have one more after the holidays. One already rejected. So I was in the recruiting process with 3 companies and expecting one more soon. I really hoped that this would turn out to be something.

Earlier this month my family finally made it to Sweden. They came to visit me and attend my graduation ceremony. It was their first time in Sweden, first winter, and first snow. That was sort of fun although it was way too cold for them I believe. I showed them around Stockholm and spent some time together. Last time we travelled together was actually about 10 years ago (2007) when we went to Beijing with some relatives and friends. This was a rare occasion.

My family arranged a Thai food dinner to celebrate a bit at home with Maria, Lennart and Maher.

The graduation ceremony was held in Blå Hallen (Blue Hall) at Stadshuset (the City Hall). It was a very fancy event. There was a concert with Saint Lucia procession (the event was held on Lucia day) and Christmas music. It was pretty grand and impressive.

Then some friends and I had a hot pot party. It was a bit early to play Christmas present game, but because some people would go back home during the Christmas, we had to do it then. We made a Japanese style hot pot and baked some cupcakes. It was such a fun night :)

For Christmas Eve, I celebrated with my housemates like last year. Though there were new faces but the amount of fun was still at a very high level. We didn’t have a white Christmas but the vibes were always there. It was one of the best Christmas parties I had :)

It was such a high time in these last few days of the year. I must admit that I inevitably had some expectation to meet and I guessed it was all good so far. There would be some more events lining up for the last week of the year. Obviously, New Year’s Eve was one of them but I would take it in the next blog. Lastly, I would like to thank everyone that came across my life and spent some valuable time together. I wish you all the best and a very happy New Year :D


Master Of Science

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My thesis was done. My master’s study at KTH was over. Though it might not be official as I hadn’t received my degree yet but I received the results already. It was “passed”, of course. My thesis presentation went quite smooth. Everything went as planned. There was no such surprise moment, but my house owner (Maria) was there. Yes, she attended my presentation. That was heartwarming :)

Two years ran past pretty fast. I still felt like everything just happened yesterday. I might say that it wasn’t easy but it wasn’t too difficult even though I didn’t study science in my bachelor’s (I got a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree). I changed my path and all I had to do was just to try harder. And I had to try even harder at this moment when I was writing this blog because I had to find a job in Stockholm. I tried it before but apparently I didn’t succeed.

It was about 3 weeks already after my thesis presentation. I had been working on my portfolio all those days. My friend told me that I could do it better. Plus, after 3 months of applying for a job, I still got no job. That just confirmed his feedback. So I redesigned my website a bit and redid how to present each project again. It hadn’t been done yet and was still in progress. It took a lot of time I may say. I had such high hope on this and really hoped it would take me somewhere. I planned to finish this within this summer so I can start job hunting after the summer.

Talking about summer, summer solstice just passed last Wednesday and midsummer was just last Friday. So it was getting dark again. This year I celebrated midsummer with my Thai friends in Vaxholm (same place I celebrated my first Swedish midsummer a couple of years ago). There were hundreds of people (or even thousands). The weather was nice and it was pretty fun :D

I received this lovely bouquet from my kind guest-Maria when she attended my thesis presentation.

Also, this is a little gift (dalahäst) to congratulate my master’s study from Maria and Lennart.

This was one afternoon when I hosted a little BBQ party at my place with some friends.

Perhaps this was the last thesis group meeting after an intense semester.

It was a fun weekend during midsummer in Vaxholm with my Thai company.

Jag hade inte pluggat någon svenska. Jag hade varit upptagen med min portfolio efter min exjobbspresentation. Min dag fylldes med gym och portfolion. Men jag hade svenskaböckerna från svenskakursen som fortfarande hade några övningar som jag kunde jobba med. Jag hade också fortfarande pratat svenska hemma men det var inte så effektivt tyckte jag. Kanske jag skulle plugga svenska igen efter sommaren.

Vi ses,

May It Be

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Back to around the end of 2016 when I was about to finish one of my last courses, there was a conversation that I had with my classmates and the professor. We discussed about the differences between doing projects in school and company (like working as an employee in a company). There was one thing that I never realised before until then and that was very true. My friend said that doing projects in school was like proving your own theory. You come up with a theory and try to prove that it works. That was one aspect that I never thought about. When I looked back and reflected upon all I had done during one and a half year, it was true. I guessed it was because my previous studies were quite different and I didn’t study scientific subjects in my bachelor’s study. Mostly they were quite practical and artsy as they were about art and design. So I might lack of critical and theoretical thinking skills. Anyhow, it might be a bit late to realise that but at least I had just learned something new. It kind of took me back to the time when I just realised what building ideas is all about when I studied at Hyper Island. That was the same kind of revealing moment as well. I was glad that it happened. It confirmed that I didn’t waste my time learning nothing but hard skills.

Back to the when I was writing this blog, I was about to finish my thesis. My report draft was done and I waited for the feedback from my supervisor to make some changes for the presentation. My student life was almost over again. Then I would have to find a job and start a new routine. Actually, I already had a couple of job interviews but unfortunately I hadn’t got any :/ Still needed to work hard to find one. Wish me luck!

There wasn’t much going on in the past weeks as most of the time I worked on my thesis, but here are some photos from what I did.

Last month, I celebrated Valborg with my housemates-Maria, Lennart, Anneli, Maher and their friends. We were quite a lot actually. We went to the church during the day to watch Lennart singing in a choir, then went to the park around the house to see the bonfire. There were so many people on that day and it was pretty cold.

A few weeks ago, Oak, my old friend from high school had an educational trip (architecture related) in Sweden. It was several years that we didn’t meet. Gladly we were still friends. We went to visit some touristic places around Stockholm. It was pretty fun.

Last Saturday I went to see Bruno Mars concert with my Thai and Chinese friends (The opening act was Anderson Paak. They were so good and smooth). It was superb and awesome! I enjoyed a lot. Luckily we got the golden circle tickets and we were quite early. So we were really close to the stage. I was not a big fan of him but I listened many of his famous songs. That was a great experience.

Avslutningsvis var min svenska kurs färdig. Det kändes lättat eftersom jag hade mer tid att göra något annat. Men det var inte så bra därför att jag kunde inte öva svenska med mina vänner. Det kanske vara bättre om jag skulle ta svenska kursen på SFI igen för jag kan fortsätta. Vi skulle få se. Jag hade inte mycket att prata om den här gången så vi ses nästa gång.

Har det så bra,

Slow Spring

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It was last Friday afternoon. There was a terror attack in Stockholm and I was at the office not far from that area. It happened around 15 minutes before 3 pm. The truck rammed into people on the walking street in the city centre. There were some fatalities and many injured people. I didn’t know anything about that until people at the office told me what happened outside. The buses and metro stopped working. I was stuck inside the office and insecure, confused, and worried. There were also many rumours like shooting and other attacks in another parts of the city but they were later proved to be untrue. Due to the suggestion from the authorities, I stayed inside until almost 6 pm then I decided to go home. The metro and buses still didn’t work so I walked home. It was a long walk but I wasn’t alone. There were many people walking as well and they were quite calm actually. Some streets were closed so I had to walk around. It felt pretty strange somehow. I got a chance to see Stockholm in another view. It was spring time and the sky got dark quite late. So it was just fine to walk. It took me like 2 hours to get home. The metro started working again. All 3 suspects were arrested. Luckily, there was nothing more.

Here are some photos when I was on my way home.

Det hade inte hänt så mycket nyligen. Jag hade skrivit på mitt exjobb och pluggat svenska. Jag hade också börjat leta efter jobb. Jag var på intervju för en tjänst men det funkade inte. Det var, som det ofta är, väldigt hög konkurrens. Jag hade hoppats att jag skulle få det den här gången.

Ha det så bra,

Winter Scene

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I had been busy and working with my thesis for almost 2 months. It was neither so bad nor so fun. I just followed the process so it was ever ongoing. Sometimes it felt like there was no break and I had to work everyday, or I just couldn’t structure my schedule so I ended up working everyday which wasn’t so enjoyable. Anyway, I read a lot of scientific papers during this period much more than I ever did. I started to understand what people meant when talking about doing master’s study and research.

Stockholm weather was pretty weird during these few weeks. It was up and down, warm and cold (I mean cold and colder). It snowed one day and rained another day. Some days were white and some days were grey. Luckily, sun started to shine and stay in the sky longer meaning that the excessive sunlight was coming… I wasn’t sure if I would be happy about that.

There wasn’t much going on since last month though. I only focused on the thesis and Swedish class but I attended one workshop at Designit a few weeks ago. It was the service design jam and was very exciting. We had to come up with an idea to solve a problem in the area of service design. Fortunately we sort of got an idea and managed to finish the video presentation for it. I would put it in my portfolio soon. So that was a good weekend.

That’s Wanda, my teammate.That’s David, my another teammate.

Lately I didn’t draw anything. Just didn’t feel like it but I had some ideas and pictures in my mind-some things that I wanted to draw but I didn’t make it. Perhaps I would do it later when I got inspired. Though I got some photos from the winter ;)

These two are from around my house.

This one is from around KTH Hallen, the gym I went to.

This is when I went ice skating with some friends (Oliver on the left and Marina on the right).

We also did sauna bathing.

It was a nice weekend.

Jag pratade forfarande bara svenska med mina svenska rumskompisar. Jag vette inte om min svenska blev bättre men jag förstod mer och mer även om det gick långsamt. Jag tyckte att svenska kursen var mycket bra och hjälpsam eftersom jag träffade klasskamrater, övade tillsammans och lärde mig grammatik. Dessutom var det bra att jag kunde göra något annat än mitt exjobb. Det blev ganska tråkigt ibland och jag måste ha variation. Det var allt för den här gången. Vi ses nästa gång.

Hej då,


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Everything seemed to be pretty slow. I didn’t have much to do in the last few weeks yet I didn’t stay home doing nothing. I still went to gym as usual and made my lunchboxes every week. I was just longing for my thesis to start and it did start last week, officially. I did my thesis with Great Works, the company that I worked with since last summer and it was the same project. It was quite fascinating to see the project growing from scratch until launching to the public (not yet). I would be working with this until June and that would be when I finish with KTH, hopefully.

Lately I just discovered Twenty One Pilots, the music band, and I was a bit addicted to them, not only their strange music, but also the artists themselves. They were quite hilarious. Their point of view on music was pretty critical and interesting. As they wrote their own songs, those songs came from their insights. They were really deep and I could relate somehow. Perhaps that was why I liked them. However, they just had a concert in Stockholm last year when I still didn’t know them. Sadly I had to wait for another chance.

This semester I also started studying Swedish again but this time it wasn’t at SFI, but KTH. They offered a free course (and no credit) for the paid international students every Tuesday and Thursday. Let’s see until June how far I can go this time. I really hoped that I could speak more fluently which shouldn’t be too difficult as I only had the thesis and this Swedish course for this last semester. I just needed to practice more.

Here are some photos from the kick-off meeting in Lindingö with my new classmates from the Swedish course.

Last weekend my Thai friends and I had a food party for the Lunar New Year. It was a lot of fun, a lot of food and super crowded.

Här är en liten text för mig att praktisera svenska. Jag skulle börja skriva någon svensk text i min blogg. Det var ganska svårt att skriva för första gången men jag trodde att det skulle bli lättare nästa gång. Förutom att skriva pratade jag också svenska med mina svenska rumskompisar. Det var ännu svårare eftersom jag inte kunde öppna lexikon eller Google Translate. Men jag berättade för dem att jag skulle prata mera svenska så de borde prata svenska i stället för engelska. Och de hjälpte mig mycket. Det var bra.

Vi ses och hörs,

Cold Transition

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Happy new year,

It started with Guillaume leaving Sweden with his mom (Corine) on last Wednesday morning (His brother-Jean-Charles left on Tuesday morning) because he finished his master’s study already. It was his time to go back home in France. No need to ask how sad I was. This winter treated me really harshly. I really hoped it was not our last goodbye. Life is ever changing and this change was another milestone. It happened fast, yet really slow. It was like you know that the time is coming and every minute seems to be slower than usual. Then it happens and the next day you wake up, you don’t meet your friend like you used to do everyday anymore. No more any familiar noise and sound. No more familiar casual conversation. No more gym buddy. No more eating company. No more guitar. Everything just changed. It just felt so strange. I decided to move from my old room to another room (Guillaume’s room) because I believed it would help me adjust to the new change. So I wouldn’t hear the noise from the his door because it became my door instead. This way I could change to the new habit. It wasn’t actually new, but at least it was slightly different. It helped me to not get stuck in the past and to move on easier.

It was a good 6 months spent with this good friend at this place. I had learned how precious the time is. Through all the good and bad times, they all were valuable. People come and go all the time, and you never know who you meet. Some might turn out to be your lifetime friend. Some might be your lover. Some seem to be good but turn out to be bad. Some just come into your life just to hurt you. Only time can tell.

So that was sad. On the other hand, it wouldn’t be Guillaume if he didn’t forget something in this house. He forgot his watch and it seemed to be valuable for him…Well, this could be a quest for me to return his watch to him (unless a post service came into play which would be pretty pricey, or a third person sent by him to pick it up). This suggested that we would possibly meet up again some day. A reunion trip just sounded interesting and exciting. Anyhow, I didn’t know what would happen. I can only wait and see.

Now it’s photo time. I ate so much in the last few weeks. There were some parties and Christmas’ eve and New Year’s eve. It was pretty heavy.

Let’s start with a farewell dinner in Lappis. As Tina and Peem (my Thai friends) were leaving to Thailand because they finished their study already. We had homemade julbord, cooked by Thai people (us).

Then, my old friend from highschool-Chaiwait came to Stockholm. He was a pilot. We didn’t see each other for about 13 years. Didn’t change much actually.

This was another julbord at Ulriksdal Wärdshus hosted by Danica Pension, the client of Great Works. It was extremely good! Big thanks to both Great Works and Danica Pension.

Steve, Yinglai, her friend and I had hotpot dinner. It was traditional Chinese style I guess. It was very hot and spicy, but it was really good to have during the cold winter.

Here is from Christmas’ eve. Even though we didn’t have white Christmas but it was very cozy, much fun, much food and many people.

Then, New Year’s eve. Again, much food, much fun and many people. We also went to the water close to the house to see fireworks (and count down).

It was quite fortunate that the snow finally came in the last night before Guillaume and his mom left. So we had a sauna session, did the snow angel in the backyard (No photo here. Guillaume didn’t allow me to post any.), and went for a walk with Anneli and Marley (but Marley is not in this photo.).

And it was the time… Bon voyage.

This is Marley, the chihuahua. This is my New Year present to Anneli :)

Last but not least. I got this gift set from the Dickeli family. “Bistrot au rendez-vous des amis vieille amitié ne craint pas la rouille!”.

Actually, there were an Italian dinner at my neighbor’s and another Thai dinner at the restaurant, but I didn’t have photos.

There were so much going on in the last few weeks both ups and downs. Life is dramatic and however it is, I think I just have to keeping moving on.

See you another time,

Bitter Snow

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This is the drawing I drew last week. It is from the heavily snowy day in November (see the original photo in my previous blog). Last time I drew a picture like this was about 10 years ago. I still remembered some basics. Maybe I should draw more. Let’s see.

So far my December was pretty rough. I had an argument with one of my best friends-Guillaume. Then everything went down down down… It was actually 3 weeks ago but it felt like the time was so slow. Isn’t it strange that we feel that when we are happy, time goes so fast and when we are unhappy, time goes slower? Some say that time is relative. I probably agree with that. It is relative and our time runs in different pace even if we all have 24 hours a day. Another thing is that when time goes by, it kills and heals in the same time. Though I wasn’t sure about my case this if it’s because the time heals or because I start to let go.

Emotion is something that is unstable. It goes up and down all the time. When it goes up, it seems to be fine, but when it goes down, then there might be a problem. Some say that we shouldn’t ignore and neglect the negative feelings because they can make us grow. We can let them stay and feel them. They can make us stronger and wiser. I guess it works the same way as everyone. When you suffer so much, at one point, you just get over it, let go, and move on. Next time you feel down, you should be able to get up faster than the previous time. I believe it doesn’t mean you get numb but you just get better at how to handle your emotion. All is just the matter of time, I suppose.

Apart from the drama, there wasn’t much. My study was about to end. I almost finished all courses and would start my master thesis in January when sky starts to get bright again. So this would probably be my last blog of this year since Christmas was coming soon. Like many people do, isn’t it a good time to leave all the mess and start something new, again?

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year :)

See you in 2017,

PS Guillaume and I talked through it already and we were cool again, I supposed ;)

Dark Hours

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Hi there,

My fourth Swedish winter was here and it was pretty tough. The days without sunlight made a big impact on me. I couldn’t stand the depression but still had to live. The dark days seemed to push me to the negative side and it was so unpleasant. I can only beware of my thoughts and tried not to fall into the dark pit, but kept up my spirit. Nope, it wasn’t easy :/ Somehow I wondered how I survived the last winter. I wondered why I didn’t struggle this much last year. Then I found out that maybe it was because I traveled a lot last year. My friends and I arranged dinner together quite often. That was just some good time that I could only think of :’)

Life is ever changing and time never stops ticking. People come and go all the time. I wonder if It is just a coincidence that we meet or it is destined. It is the time that create good and bad memories, joy and tears, and it is the time that make us suffer and relieve from the pain. I wish I could remember all good things and forget all bad things, but it just doesn’t work that way. All those things make me learn how to grow up. Isn’t all the pain that teaches us how to deal with the bad situations? Isn’t all that joy that reminds us of all those good times when we feel down? Life just can’t be sweet all the time and when it turns sour, just deal with it.

So that was quite dramatic. Let’s see what good memories I had made in these last few weeks.

This is from the Halloween parade event in the beginning of November. Anneli, Guillaume and I dressed up to join the parade. We went to the venue but we didn’t join the parade eventually. However it was fun to dress up and go to the venue and see other people dressing up. This was my first time dressing up for the Halloween actually.

After the Halloween event, we went to Skogskyrkogården for the Alla helgons dag (All Saints’ day)-5 Nov to see the candlelight of those who passed away. The cemetery was pretty crowded on that day. It was pretty beautiful but sad and reminiscent in the same time.

Then, came the heavy snow. It was one Wednesday that it snowed heavily for a day or two. Stockholm was buried under at least 30 cm. Buses were cancelled and the trains delayed.

We had snow so it was the time to make a snowman. It was literally snowman. He was muscular and had abs. (It was of course Guillaume’s idea.)

I would end this blog with some food photos. Here are some French recipes (Bœuf Bourguignon, Tomates Farcies and Crème Brûlée) that Guillaume and I cooked-tried to cook. It was delicious ;)

See you later,

The Fall

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Hello there,

There was a huge event in Thailand this month. It was the death of my king-King Bhumibol Adulyadej. His majesty passed away at the age of 88 on Thursday 13, October 08:52 GMT. He was the great influence on many people including me. It was one of my saddest moment that happened in these last few years. My Facebook feed was very sad and depressing. Anyhow, his works and legacy would still remain in my memory :’(




(Credit: Thai PBS , อารมณ์นิยม)

For some reason, this month I became really emotional. Perhaps it was because of all the sadness, bitterness and disappointment, or maybe because of the weather. I didn’t see the sun that much. Maybe that’s why I got depressed and sad. There were too many tears and I just cried too much. Life is just not that easy sometimes :/

Lately, I read from somewhere on the internet. It was about how we should treat and care about others. There was one point that kind of stuck in my mind. For some reason, several times I just overlooked those who are around or close to me, and instead, looked out for others. It was some sort of taking of granted. When I looked back, I realized that those people were actually who I should have cherished more than those who were far away (in term of relationship). And I could only wonder if I had hurt their feeling, or if I had taken care of them well enough. It was because they were those whom I had close relationship with and they were just closer to me. What if I lose them? Would it be more worth than losing those who were far away and I barely knew? But after all, maybe it’s better to care those who care me because probably I never know what I have and I don’t want to lose it when it’s about to be gone.

Back to my study, this month was quite busy in the last few weeks but now it was getting better. I was working with the micro-controller (Arduino). Our project was about building a musical instrument from the old telephones. We almost finished it. There were some small details that still needed some more time. We were also blogging our project here: https://junkdjs.wordpress.com. Just in case you were wondering what exactly I was talking about. It was pretty fun and challenging.


Last Friday, my good friend/housemate-Guillaume and I attended the classical music concert at Kungliga Operan. It was a 490-year anniversary celebration. This was Guillaume’s idea because he wanted to attend another concert after Nickelback. So I proposed this concert and, yeah, here we go. Different kind of music but it was a nice experience. The venue was pretty fancy and elegant. Here are some photos. (We were not allowed to take a photo/video during the concert)



PS We didn’t fall asleep during the concert ;)

This month was quite rough but still not too bad to smile.

See you later,