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Back to around the end of 2016 when I was about to finish one of my last courses, there was a conversation that I had with my classmates and the professor. We discussed about the differences between doing projects in school and company (like working as an employee in a company). There was one thing that I never realised before until then and that was very true. My friend said that doing projects in school was like proving your own theory. You come up with a theory and try to prove that it works. That was one aspect that I never thought about. When I looked back and reflected upon all I had done during one and a half year, it was true. I guessed it was because my previous studies were quite different and I didn’t study scientific subjects in my bachelor’s study. Mostly they were quite practical and artsy as they were about art and design. So I might lack of critical and theoretical thinking skills. Anyhow, it might be a bit late to realise that but at least I had just learned something new. It kind of took me back to the time when I just realised what building ideas is all about when I studied at Hyper Island. That was the same kind of revealing moment as well. I was glad that it happened. It confirmed that I didn’t waste my time learning nothing but hard skills.

Back to the when I was writing this blog, I was about to finish my thesis. My report draft was done and I waited for the feedback from my supervisor to make some changes for the presentation. My student life was almost over again. Then I would have to find a job and start a new routine. Actually, I already had a couple of job interviews but unfortunately I hadn’t got any :/ Still needed to work hard to find one. Wish me luck!

There wasn’t much going on in the past weeks as most of the time I worked on my thesis, but here are some photos from what I did.

Last month, I celebrated Valborg with my housemates-Maria, Lennart, Anneli, Maher and their friends. We were quite a lot actually. We went to the church during the day to watch Lennart singing in a choir, then went to the park around the house to see the bonfire. There were so many people on that day and it was pretty cold.

A few weeks ago, Oak, my old friend from high school had an educational trip (architecture related) in Sweden. It was several years that we didn’t meet. Gladly we were still friends. We went to visit some touristic places around Stockholm. It was pretty fun.

Last Saturday I went to see Bruno Mars concert with my Thai and Chinese friends (The opening act was Anderson Paak. They were so good and smooth). It was superb and awesome! I enjoyed a lot. Luckily we got the golden circle tickets and we were quite early. So we were really close to the stage. I was not a big fan of him but I listened many of his famous songs. That was a great experience.

Avslutningsvis var min svenska kurs färdig. Det kändes lättat eftersom jag hade mer tid att göra något annat. Men det var inte så bra därför att jag kunde inte öva svenska med mina vänner. Det kanske vara bättre om jag skulle ta svenska kursen på SFI igen för jag kan fortsätta. Vi skulle få se. Jag hade inte mycket att prata om den här gången så vi ses nästa gång.

Har det så bra,

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