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Vietnam Trip

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Happy New Year!

Wish you all the best one :) I’ll start this year with a little travel blog from my last trip.

I spent my New Year’s eve with some old friends in Vietnam. We went there the weekend after Christmas and stayed there for 9 days. So I didn’t get to feel the New Year’s vibes much in Bangkok. We visited several cities in the middle and south of the country. We arrived Ho Chi Minh City in the evening and left to Mui Ne the next morning. Mui Ne was nice and is by the beach. We did some tour around the city.

Mui Ne fishing village
White Sand Dunes
Fairy Stream

The next day we went to Dalat. It is a town on mountains. The weather was nice as it was quite cold. This city was full of agriculture products and it was pretty cheap. We also join the locals to celebrate the New Year’s eve. Then we spent another day going around Dalat and took a night train to go up to Da Nang.

Elephant Waterfalls
Countdown in Dalat

After we arrived Da Nang in the morning, we went straight to Sun World Ba Na Hills. It was super cloudy and foggy up there. Even though it was low season, there were still a lot tourists. We didn’t see much as we were like staying in the clouds most of the time.

The next day we went back to Da Nang. After dropping our stuff at the hotel, we went to Hoi An to visit the ancient town. Hoi An is a small and nice town with a lot of foreigners. It was definitely a touristic area. We just spent a couple of hours visiting the town and went back to Da Nang.

The other day we took a day trip to Hue. Hue is a city in central Vietnam. We visited the old palaces, citadel, pagoda and the shrine of the old king. Sadly most parts of the palaces were ruined during the war time but they were rebuilding it. 

Stage of Flag in front of the Imperial City
Thien Mu Pagoda
Royal Tomb of Khai Dinh King

The 2 nights at Da Nang weren’t that much. The city didn’t offer much for us to do. We went to visit some landmarks (like The Dragon Bridge) and ate some local food. Then we flew back to Ho Chi Minh City in the next morning. 

Han River Bridge
Dragon Bridge

We spent the last 2 days and a night in Ho Chi Minh City. The city was similar to Bangkok with more trees, people, and mopeds, and without metros. Drivers in Vietnam were very aggressive on the road when it comes to honking. They just honked all the time and didn’t even let pedestrians to cross the street. You just have to be very careful because no one would stop their car/moped.

Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon
Independence Palace
View from the Uncle Ho’s Park
Ho Chi Minh City from Saigon Skydeck
Ben Thanh Market

Overall, it was a good and fun 9-day trip (a little exhausting due to the commuting parts). I got a chance to experience different food, culture, and weather. Lastly here is a photo of the trip members taken by my friend, apparently.

See you later,

Sum of 2018

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Hi there,

Happy holidays! This year had been another milestone of my life. I made it through my 20’s and started my 30’s. There were many ups and downs. Moving back from Sweden was a big thing. I got to admit that it surely was a disappointment. It was my second attempt to live and work abroad. I just had to move on before spending even more of my parents’ money…

Anyway, getting a job as a UX designer was also another big thing and was a great success of this year. It had come to my acknowledgement that what I learned all these past years could just be concluded to this job title. I never thought that it would be something I was into it, or actually I wouldn’t have known about UX design if you had asked me 5 years ago. One thing just leads to another. It seems likely that UX design would not be my last stop. Though I didn’t know what would be next. Let’s just wait and see.

The most annoying thing of this year went to the 2 warts under my foot. Since my first notice in December last year, it had been about a year already. I had been getting treatment since April. There was one left that I waited for the wound to heal. I really hoped it would be the last. It was really annoying because it was like I got them taken off (by surgery) every month. Then I got the wounds under my foot and couldn’t walk normally for about 2-3 weeks. This had been looping for about 9 months already. There was no swimming or running at all D:

This December was full of holidays and events. It went by pretty quick. One of my best friends (Bird) got married. Big congrats to him :D

Then my colleague (P’ Au) got married. Another big congrats to her :D

Then it was a Christmas party at the office-Morphosis X Firecreek. There were plenty of food and drinks. We also did the secret santa and I got a strawberry gardening kit XD

The failed supper. Many things are wrong but at least we tried XD

I wish you all a merry Christmas and very happy New Year.

See you next year,

The Pack

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Hi there,

Lately it had been eventful. Let’s start from the Charlie Puth Voicenotes concert in late October. It was great. All the hits were there. I attended his concert with my friends-Pat and his wife. I somehow had become a fanboy since I-don’t-know-when, maybe 3-4 years ago. He was cool and talented, and I kept following him. It was kind of easy-listening and typical pop. I just got clicked with his style.

Then came the UX Openspace Thailand event in early November. I volunteered to be a staff and took the MC role of the event. It was actually my first time doing that. Though it didn’t feel that hard. Probably it was similar to when I hosted the workshop for my job that I had to speak in front of people. This was just more people that I spoke to. It was a good experience. Talking about UX Openspace, it is an event where UX design practitioners meet and talk about different things. Anyone can be a speaker and topics are open as it is an “open space”.

Last week my friends and I had a trip to Macao and Hong Kong. We mostly went sightseeing, tried some local stuff, and shopped a bit. The food wasn’t so outstanding. It was different from Chinese food in Thailand but not that much. There was nothing special. Macao was full of casinos and we weren’t into that. Hong Kong was packed with people and stores. It is a good place to go shopping because it is cheaper than Bangkok (at least). Overall, it was an okay trip.

These are from Macao.

There are from Hong Kong.

Most recently, my friend from Silpakorn university-Ae just got married last night. It was the first time I met some old friends since I finished my bachelor’s several years ago. It was all good and fun. Big congrats to the bride and groom :D

See you later,

Little Break

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Hi there,

The big project from that international insurance company was over. Here was a little break before we start a new phase. We were lucky that they liked what we did for them. So they decided to continue with us in the phase 2. I wasn’t sure what would be there but it seemed to be fun!

That first phase was really intense. The schedule was packed. The expectations were high. I had to admit that I was so stressed out. Though it was a great challenge and I learned a lot from that. Talking about the process and the work, it was set in stone, kind of. I just had to deliver the best I could do. Fortunately, we had understanding clients and they were super supportive. I made mistakes but we sorted it out. I just can’t tell much detail here. It was supposed to be confidential. Anyway, it was great learning experience.

Apart from that…I wasn’t sure what had happened during the past month…It was like I was busy with that project, then time passed. So I couldn’t really reflect and do other things, then a month just went by. It was such a tricky situation as one could just overlook the detail easily thus it becomes too late to go back and fix things.

Over one weekend, I got a chance to attend Bangkok Art Biennale 2018. It was a big art exhibition that spread across Bangkok. (Well, it was actually just the inner Bangkok, not the whole city.) There were a lot of great works and exhibitions from many artists around the world. It was very inspiring to experience. Too bad I couldn’t get all the artists’ name :/

Later alligator,

Busy Busy

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Hi there,

These last two weeks had been super crazy. Morphosis got a big international client and I was lucky enough to be a part of the project. It was about creating customer journey map and personas. Actually it wasn’t that big but was very intense considering the timeframe and work. Everything was very short and we didn’t have much time to hesitate. It was like we had to be decisive and move quick. So the last two weeks were about interviewing a lot of people-stakeholders, customers, and other people. My days were full and packed. I had never been this stressed since I started working at Morphosis. Though I took this as a good project. Some say that if you don’t feel comfortable with what you’re doing, you are probably learning new things. Although this wasn’t my first time interviewing people, I definitely didn’t feel so secure. Perhaps it was because of the expectation that the client had on us that I was feeling. It was just whether fail or success. There can’t be a middle way. Anyway, we were almost the half way of the project. Let’s see how this would turn out eventually.

That wasn’t it. There was more stuff I did. 

Morphosis and Firecreek went laser tagging together. 

I also volunteered to help arrange the UX Thailand Openspace event. Though this was just the first meeting. I already missed the second one due to the warts under my feet D: They were still there…

Lastly, my artist friend-Oat and his boyfriend were arranging the Concerto for Piano & Charcoal. This was a workshop one week before the real concert. It was extremely cool and fun. I hadn’t been this close to artist’s life since I finished my Bachelor’s. It was great experience.

Talk later,

Normal Pace

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Hi there,

Things started to get settled. My life at home was moving steadily. My workout routine was on track. I still kept experimenting new techniques-diets and exercises. Hopefully it could improve my health and performance. My job was also fine. I got busy more or less everyday-not too much, not too boring. It was challenging and fun.

Though the wart under my foot was still there :S It had been about 5 months that I tried to remove it. (There were 2. One of them was already gone.) It was really annoying. I had an appointment with the doctor every month to take it out-sort of surgery, laser, whatever I didn’t really know because I had to lie on my stomach. So I didn’t see it when the doctor did it. It took about a week or two until the wound got dry and became scabbed, and another week or two to finally heal. So that was about a month each time. Duh! I would have another appointment again next week. I really hoped it would be the last.

Before this blog gets way too random, I would like to end it with my business card from my job. It was my first ever business card actually. It kind of felt special for some reason. (Big thanks to Morphosis, any enquiries click here!) I guess now you all know where and how to contact me ;)

Talk later,

Getting Real

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My 4-month probation of my job was almost over and I already got offered for a permanent position. Yay! It was super quick how the 4 months passed by. It was actually just about 5 months since I left Sweden. It felt like a lot had happened within these few months as if it was a year ago. Kind of weird though. 

Anyway, I had been reading several books since I started my job. All these books were from my office. I got great support from the boss-Jeremie. So that helped me save a lot of money. I hadn’t bought books lately (because I didn’t have a job and had no income) and my bookshelf had limited space. Nevertheless, that couldn’t stop me from reading. Here are those books I had been reading.

It looks like I had been filling my head with a lot of UX design knowledge. I started to feel that these books were talking about similar things and I was running in a loop. Maybe it’s time to move on to the another topic/area. Well, UX design is a huge topic and consists of many disciplines, and many people see it in different ways. I sometimes found it hard to explain what it actually is and how much it covers. I guessed a lot of people working in this area were still discussing about it too (based on what I saw on the internet). For one sure thing, despite human behavior, UX design was evolving as same as how technology was changing. I believed it would be continuing developing for a while.

I guess this is all for this blog :) 


Same Old Brand New Web

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Hi there,

One month passed super fast. It felt like my previous blog was a week ago or something. There were quite a lot going on at work. Though there weren’t much happening my personal life. Well, I had been dealing with 2 warts under my right foot for several months actually (since April). They started some time in the beginning of this year when I was in Sweden. I didn’t get to see the doctor to take them off because I thought they were just corns, but it started to hurt when I walked. So after I arrived Bangkok, I went to see a doctor and got into treatment. It was a long process. At least it didn’t hurt anymore, but I still didn’t know if they were gone. I could only wait and see :/

That was actually a weird paragraph talking about some sort of disgusting stuff to start a blog. Whatever. You might notice that something had changed in this blog, not the blog itself. I actually just changed my URL from prueklk.com to pruek.lk so this was my first blog in my new URL (and my new host too). To my old host, thanks for your service in the past 6 years. You didn’t serve me that well lately and I got tired of you. It was time to move on. Bye!

By the way, my job was doing fine. I got involved in some big projects. I kept pushing, practicing, improving myself all the time. It wasn’t actually as easy as it sounds. These things required so much effort and energy, mentally and physically. Though I was not complaining. These were things I really wanted to master. I kind of felt that I was onto something real, something I could keep on doing. It felt good and right. 

This month I attended some big events. I went to Boyce Avenue live concert. It was so awesome. I had been following them for like 10 years, probably. I can’t remember when I first saw their cover video, but their first cover videos posted on Youtube about 10 years ago and they were my very first videos I got to like them. They only kept getting better and better. Finally I got to see their live concert! It was impressive.

Another big event was my old friend’s wedding. Champ (or Noo) was a friend from the high school (Bangkok Christian College). I also can’t remember how long we had been knowing each other but I guess it was around 20 years, more or less. Although we didn’t get in contact that much after the high school, it didn’t make us acquaintances. It seemed like the friendship we had when we were young was frozen in time and it just went on and on. The same goes to my other friends from the same school as well. We parted when we went to university but the friendship was still there. I didn’t really know how it works. It just is how it is. (No drama please if you aren’t in the photos. I just didn’t have good photos of everyone :/)

Lastly, today was a midsummer in Sweden. Glad midsommar Sverige! Jag saknade er så mycket. Det var jättelång tid som jag inte hade pratat svenska. Jag hoppades vi skulle träffas igen. Vi skulle få se. Håll ut :)


Getting Serious

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It was my birthday on the day I wrote this blog. Things weren’t really different from the other days. Maybe I felt a bit older as I started to use number 3. It was like one third of my life already. (Well, it actually passed that milestone already…)

Some say that you will have fewer friends when you get older. I didn’t know if it’s true. Only time can tell. What I knew was that I became more goal-driven. I spent a lot of years trying this and that, going in and out of schools, taking different jobs, and going places. It felt like I narrowed down my interest into a more specific path. It might be good for me at least. I learned to let go of things that I didn’t actually care and things that didn’t really matter to me (including people as well). Mayhap this is how you have fewer friends when you grow older even though you get to know more people from work, network, relationships, and so on.

Meanwhile, I learned to develop my interest and focus on the very specific things. I knew what I wanted to learn and what were more important to me, at least for my job. I was lucky enough to get to work on things that I was searching for for years. I didn’t regret whatever I did in the past. It all makes me who I am until this day. My life is like a work-in-progress. It will never be done until my last day. Mistakes aren’t a bad thing. It helped me grow. Doing nothing is actually a bad thing. I would probably learn nothing if I didn’t take any risk.

Anyway, my past month was all good. I liked what I did at work. It was actually quite a busy month as I facilitated some workshops and user testing sessions. It was quite stressful but fun. I looked forward to the next months. Hopefully, things would go well and exciting.

At last, I got a birthday cake from my lovely company as well. Thanks for all wishes :)



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Hi there,

The first month of my new job was all right. There was some tuning and changing but it all went well (at least from what I saw). The workplace was fine. My colleagues were nice. The work was fun. Everything seemed cool and I enjoyed my first month pretty much. Though I knew there were still a lot to learn. 

Apart from my job, I didn’t really do much this month. There were a couple of meetings with some friends and that was all. The thing was that I hadn’t had much time to plan anything much. My focus was more on my new job. It didn’t seem to be that much (Monday to Friday from 9 to 5, yes only 9 to 5!) but it actually mentally demanded. Well, I wanted to perform well at work and I was still new to the company. I had to do some preparation and balance my mind a bit during my free time. So I wouldn’t become too stressed. 

I got some sneak peek of things I did at work. I must admit that I didn’t create much beautiful design these days. Most of my work was more about researching, planning, arranging, discussing, and sketching. Although there was a lot of writing (as you can see in the image), it was very challenging and fun. However, who knows. Maybe I would make some fancy design for another projects in the coming months ;)


(I made the image small on purpose. The information was still confidential. I didn’t want to get fired after 1 or 2 months.)