Slow Spring


It was last Friday afternoon. There was a terror attack in Stockholm and I was at the office not far from that area. It happened around 15 minutes before 3 pm. The truck rammed into people on the walking street in the city centre. There were some fatalities and many injured people. I didn’t know anything about that until people at the office told me what happened outside. The buses and metro stopped working. I was stuck inside the office and insecure, confused, and worried. There were also many rumours like shooting and other attacks in another parts of the city but they were later proved to be untrue. Due to the suggestion from the authorities, I stayed inside until almost 6 pm then I decided to go home. The metro and buses still didn’t work so I walked home. It was a long walk but I wasn’t alone. There were many people walking as well and they were quite calm actually. Some streets were closed so I had to walk around. It felt pretty strange somehow. I got a chance to see Stockholm in another view. It was spring time and the sky got dark quite late. So it was just fine to walk. It took me like 2 hours to get home. The metro started working again. All 3 suspects were arrested. Luckily, there was nothing more.

Here are some photos when I was on my way home.

Det hade inte hänt så mycket nyligen. Jag hade skrivit på mitt exjobb och pluggat svenska. Jag hade också börjat leta efter jobb. Jag var på intervju för en tjänst men det funkade inte. Det var, som det ofta är, väldigt hög konkurrens. Jag hade hoppats att jag skulle få det den här gången.

Ha det så bra,

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