Cold Transition

Happy new year,

It started with Guillaume leaving Sweden with his mom (Corine) on last Wednesday morning (His brother-Jean-Charles left on Tuesday morning) because he finished his master’s study already. It was his time to go back home in France. No need to ask how sad I was. This winter treated me really harshly. I really hoped it was not our last goodbye. Life is ever changing and this change was another milestone. It happened fast, yet really slow. It was like you know that the time is coming and every minute seems to be slower than usual. Then it happens and the next day you wake up, you don’t meet your friend like you used to do everyday anymore. No more any familiar noise and sound. No more familiar casual conversation. No more gym buddy. No more eating company. No more guitar. Everything just changed. It just felt so strange. I decided to move from my old room to another room (Guillaume’s room) because I believed it would help me adjust to the new change. So I wouldn’t hear the noise from the his door because it became my door instead. This way I could change to the new habit. It wasn’t actually new, but at least it was slightly different. It helped me to not get stuck in the past and to move on easier.

It was a good 6 months spent with this good friend at this place. I had learned how precious the time is. Through all the good and bad times, they all were valuable. People come and go all the time, and you never know who you meet. Some might turn out to be your lifetime friend. Some might be your lover. Some seem to be good but turn out to be bad. Some just come into your life just to hurt you. Only time can tell.

So that was sad. On the other hand, it wouldn’t be Guillaume if he didn’t forget something in this house. He forgot his watch and it seemed to be valuable for him…Well, this could be a quest for me to return his watch to him (unless a post service came into play which would be pretty pricey, or a third person sent by him to pick it up). This suggested that we would possibly meet up again some day. A reunion trip just sounded interesting and exciting. Anyhow, I didn’t know what would happen. I can only wait and see.

Now it’s photo time. I ate so much in the last few weeks. There were some parties and Christmas’ eve and New Year’s eve. It was pretty heavy.

Let’s start with a farewell dinner in Lappis. As Tina and Peem (my Thai friends) were leaving to Thailand because they finished their study already. We had homemade julbord, cooked by Thai people (us).

Then, my old friend from highschool-Chaiwait came to Stockholm. He was a pilot. We didn’t see each other for about 13 years. Didn’t change much actually.

This was another julbord at Ulriksdal Wärdshus hosted by Danica Pension, the client of Great Works. It was extremely good! Big thanks to both Great Works and Danica Pension.

Steve, Yinglai, her friend and I had hotpot dinner. It was traditional Chinese style I guess. It was very hot and spicy, but it was really good to have during the cold winter.

Here is from Christmas’ eve. Even though we didn’t have white Christmas but it was very cozy, much fun, much food and many people.

Then, New Year’s eve. Again, much food, much fun and many people. We also went to the water close to the house to see fireworks (and count down).

It was quite fortunate that the snow finally came in the last night before Guillaume and his mom left. So we had a sauna session, did the snow angel in the backyard (No photo here. Guillaume didn’t allow me to post any.), and went for a walk with Anneli and Marley (but Marley is not in this photo.).

And it was the time… Bon voyage.

This is Marley, the chihuahua. This is my New Year present to Anneli :)

Last but not least. I got this gift set from the Dickeli family. “Bistrot au rendez-vous des amis vieille amitié ne craint pas la rouille!”.

Actually, there were an Italian dinner at my neighbor’s and another Thai dinner at the restaurant, but I didn’t have photos.

There were so much going on in the last few weeks both ups and downs. Life is dramatic and however it is, I think I just have to keeping moving on.

See you another time,

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