The Fall

Hello there,

There was a huge event in Thailand this month. It was the death of my king-King Bhumibol Adulyadej. His majesty passed away at the age of 88 on Thursday 13, October 08:52 GMT. He was the great influence on many people including me. It was one of my saddest moment that happened in these last few years. My Facebook feed was very sad and depressing. Anyhow, his works and legacy would still remain in my memory :’(




(Credit: Thai PBS , อารมณ์นิยม)

For some reason, this month I became really emotional. Perhaps it was because of all the sadness, bitterness and disappointment, or maybe because of the weather. I didn’t see the sun that much. Maybe that’s why I got depressed and sad. There were too many tears and I just cried too much. Life is just not that easy sometimes :/

Lately, I read from somewhere on the internet. It was about how we should treat and care about others. There was one point that kind of stuck in my mind. For some reason, several times I just overlooked those who are around or close to me, and instead, looked out for others. It was some sort of taking of granted. When I looked back, I realized that those people were actually who I should have cherished more than those who were far away (in term of relationship). And I could only wonder if I had hurt their feeling, or if I had taken care of them well enough. It was because they were those whom I had close relationship with and they were just closer to me. What if I lose them? Would it be more worth than losing those who were far away and I barely knew? But after all, maybe it’s better to care those who care me because probably I never know what I have and I don’t want to lose it when it’s about to be gone.

Back to my study, this month was quite busy in the last few weeks but now it was getting better. I was working with the micro-controller (Arduino). Our project was about building a musical instrument from the old telephones. We almost finished it. There were some small details that still needed some more time. We were also blogging our project here: Just in case you were wondering what exactly I was talking about. It was pretty fun and challenging.


Last Friday, my good friend/housemate-Guillaume and I attended the classical music concert at Kungliga Operan. It was a 490-year anniversary celebration. This was Guillaume’s idea because he wanted to attend another concert after Nickelback. So I proposed this concert and, yeah, here we go. Different kind of music but it was a nice experience. The venue was pretty fancy and elegant. Here are some photos. (We were not allowed to take a photo/video during the concert)



PS We didn’t fall asleep during the concert ;)

This month was quite rough but still not too bad to smile.

See you later,

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