Dark Hours

Hi there,

My fourth Swedish winter was here and it was pretty tough. The days without sunlight made a big impact on me. I couldn’t stand the depression but still had to live. The dark days seemed to push me to the negative side and it was so unpleasant. I can only beware of my thoughts and tried not to fall into the dark pit, but kept up my spirit. Nope, it wasn’t easy :/ Somehow I wondered how I survived the last winter. I wondered why I didn’t struggle this much last year. Then I found out that maybe it was because I traveled a lot last year. My friends and I arranged dinner together quite often. That was just some good time that I could only think of :’)

Life is ever changing and time never stops ticking. People come and go all the time. I wonder if It is just a coincidence that we meet or it is destined. It is the time that create good and bad memories, joy and tears, and it is the time that make us suffer and relieve from the pain. I wish I could remember all good things and forget all bad things, but it just doesn’t work that way. All those things make me learn how to grow up. Isn’t all the pain that teaches us how to deal with the bad situations? Isn’t all that joy that reminds us of all those good times when we feel down? Life just can’t be sweet all the time and when it turns sour, just deal with it.

So that was quite dramatic. Let’s see what good memories I had made in these last few weeks.

This is from the Halloween parade event in the beginning of November. Anneli, Guillaume and I dressed up to join the parade. We went to the venue but we didn’t join the parade eventually. However it was fun to dress up and go to the venue and see other people dressing up. This was my first time dressing up for the Halloween actually.

After the Halloween event, we went to Skogskyrkogården for the Alla helgons dag (All Saints’ day)-5 Nov to see the candlelight of those who passed away. The cemetery was pretty crowded on that day. It was pretty beautiful but sad and reminiscent in the same time.

Then, came the heavy snow. It was one Wednesday that it snowed heavily for a day or two. Stockholm was buried under at least 30 cm. Buses were cancelled and the trains delayed.

We had snow so it was the time to make a snowman. It was literally snowman. He was muscular and had abs. (It was of course Guillaume’s idea.)

I would end this blog with some food photos. Here are some French recipes (Bœuf Bourguignon, Tomates Farcies and Crème Brûlée) that Guillaume and I cooked-tried to cook. It was delicious ;)

See you later,

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