The Festiveness

Merry Christmas,

It was a very busy month. Many events happened throughout the whole December. Let’s start from the first thing. It was not really an event but eventually it turned out that I wouldn’t get a job offer from Match2One after my internship. This was due to the lack of budget. Well, there was no one to blame and they already told me in the beginning that it could happen. So I had to start looking for a full-time position as soon as possible because my time in Sweden was running out. For the last two weeks, I already had 4 interviews and would have one more after the holidays. One already rejected. So I was in the recruiting process with 3 companies and expecting one more soon. I really hoped that this would turn out to be something.

Earlier this month my family finally made it to Sweden. They came to visit me and attend my graduation ceremony. It was their first time in Sweden, first winter, and first snow. That was sort of fun although it was way too cold for them I believe. I showed them around Stockholm and spent some time together. Last time we travelled together was actually about 10 years ago (2007) when we went to Beijing with some relatives and friends. This was a rare occasion.

My family arranged a Thai food dinner to celebrate a bit at home with Maria, Lennart and Maher.

The graduation ceremony was held in Blå Hallen (Blue Hall) at Stadshuset (the City Hall). It was a very fancy event. There was a concert with Saint Lucia procession (the event was held on Lucia day) and Christmas music. It was pretty grand and impressive.

Then some friends and I had a hot pot party. It was a bit early to play Christmas present game, but because some people would go back home during the Christmas, we had to do it then. We made a Japanese style hot pot and baked some cupcakes. It was such a fun night :)

For Christmas Eve, I celebrated with my housemates like last year. Though there were new faces but the amount of fun was still at a very high level. We didn’t have a white Christmas but the vibes were always there. It was one of the best Christmas parties I had :)

It was such a high time in these last few days of the year. I must admit that I inevitably had some expectation to meet and I guessed it was all good so far. There would be some more events lining up for the last week of the year. Obviously, New Year’s Eve was one of them but I would take it in the next blog. Lastly, I would like to thank everyone that came across my life and spent some valuable time together. I wish you all the best and a very happy New Year :D


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