Slow Start

Hello there,

This month was quite quiet. There wasn’t much happening. People just started to come back after summer vacation and I didn’t really do anything special this summer. So it was like a slow start and coming-back-to-work feeling. 

I also went back to my normal routine. However, I actually reduced the activities. For example, I stopped going swimming in the morning and I only chose to do one activity per day. It was to reduce the stress and intensity. I found it pretty good and more sustainable. Plus, I didn’t have Swedish class after work anymore. I didn’t get exhausted like earlier this year and I felt more rested. 

This was from earlier this month when my colleagues and I had afterwork. We played bowling and some other games at the place. It was a fun night!

Here is my very belated birthday present from Jesper, a good colleague at work :)

See you later,

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