White Christmas

Merry Christmas!

I had a white Christmas this year. It was pretty nice and beautiful although I didn’t celebrate outdoor. It was just cozy to look outside and see that it was all white and fluffy while it was christmasy inside. This year I celebrated with my friends Dongjiao, Kasper, and their kids and family and friends like the other years in Stockholm. I couldn’t be more thankful to be there and spend time with them. Not only the Karlsson family but I also met up with Ludwig, Steven and his girlfriend too. We ate lunch and dinner on some days. My trip to Stockholm this Christmas was actually quite intense and I was happy about it :D

This month there was also Afry Christmas party at the food hall near the office too. It was a pretty fun night. My body was just hurt on the day after XD My December was simply eventful and I couldn’t complain about it.

Here are some photos from the Afry Christmas party.

These are from Tako-an Asian fusion food restaurant in Stockholm.

I also went to Fotografiska Museet in Stockholm to see Erik Johansson exhibition. I had been following his work for some years. It was very inspiring!

These are from Monet’s Garden-an immersive art exhibition of Monet in Stockholm.

Some BBQ photos from Asahi, the Korean BBQ restaurant in Stockholm that I visited with Steven and his girlfriend.

These are from the lovely Christmas celebration with the Karlsson and company :D

Let’s finish with the Chinese hot pot from Happy Lamb Hot Pot in Stockholm.

Now I would need to take some rest before the New Year’s eve celebration. 

See you next year,

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