New Year 2024

Happy New Year,

This year I celebrated the New Year’s eve with Marco, Stephanie, Dion, Clive and Sookie! We had some kind French finger food cooked and prepared by Stephanie and Marco. It was super delicious. We spent the evening eating, drinking, singing, and playing games. Suddenly it was almost midnight. We went up the hill to see the fireworks at Masthuggskyrkan. Though we were actually a few minutes late XD We still saw some fireworks although it was quite rainy and cold that night. 

This month I also got a chance to see an opera concert-Don Giovanni with Marco and Stephanie. It was my first opera concert. I still couldn’t say if I like opera or not because it was my first time, but I can say that I quite enjoyed the show. The story was easy to follow and the performers were incredible! I would love to see and explore more. 

Then this was just yesterday. I went to see a concert Candlelight: A Tribute to Coldplay on Strings with Stephanie and Tatevik. It was actually a Christmas present from Stephanie and Marco, but Marco didn’t make it yesterday. Though we got Tatevik to join us instead! The concert was fantastic. It was set up in a room full of candlelight. Super cozy and magical. Though it was only one hour and wasn’t really enough :/

January just felt very long but it also went pretty fast. I kind of had a good start this year. I wish you all an amazing year!

See you later,

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