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Hi there,

Finally I got to throw the first group dinner at my own apartment. The occasion was my birthday dinner. I didn’t do it on my birthday but the day after. The menu was some sort of Thai-inspired dishes. Everyone was just so full afterwards. 

These are the guests (friends and colleagues) whom I spent a lot of time with in the past few months. Some even helped me move to this new apartment. So this dinner was an official treat for their help. I also got a lot of alcoholic presents (cava from Sanna and Philip, a sparkling wine a pack of akvavit/spirit, and shot glasses from Stephanie and Marco) and I didn’t even drink that much XD Though I got one pack of tea from Jesper which was super nice! Alper also bought a movie ticket (Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga) for me :D

Before that, I also celebrated my birthday with other friends-Steven and Le Wa in Stockholm. We went to a restaurant called Sardin. It was delicious! I was speechless as they paid for the dinner :’)

This month I attended West Pride parade with my company. There were so many people. The weather wasn’t so great as it rained heavily when we were about to finish. However, the teenagers weren’t bothered as they were still attending the concert at the Pride park afterwards. So much energy!

This week I went to Slottsskogen to attend the midsommar event with Stephanie, Marco and their friends. Lots of people like the other years. The weather was sort of alright. It was sunny but a bit cold.

Last month I went to From Business to Button design conference (arranged by my office) in Stockholm with my colleagues. There were so many people and the talks were pretty inspiring! 

See you later,

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