Month Two

Hi there,

Month two in my apartment was going fine. I got almost all necessary things in place. The rest was just decoration that would take some time to get in (when I have more money XD). Now it was as good as it could be and I was quite happy about it. Perhaps it was time to invite people to visit. 

I also fixed the balcony and got some stuff out there too which were not in my initial plan as I didn’t have budget for it. Though I somehow managed to spare some money to decorate my balcony a bit and prepare it for the summer! Hopefully I would get a nice and warm summer.

Owning an apartment was really expensive and it taught me to let go of small things even more. There were so many defects in my apartment that I had reported. I just can’t hold onto them but only let go of them. Things couldn’t be perfect and I just had to live with that. 

I was so looking forward to the summer when I can just spend time living in my apartment more and more!

See you later,

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May 22, 2024 at 15:37

Looking forward for the plants next !

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