Movember 2023

Hi there,

This November was so dark and so busy. There were changes at work and the project was getting more and more intense. I had to travel to Södertälje to do some tasks at Scania a couple of time this month. I used to think that a field trip was fun. Though me going to Södertälje to do some work was pretty exhausting. The time spent on the train was boring and I had to get up earlier than usual. We worked from early morning until the end of day. It was just intense. 

My colleagues (Lisen and Patrick) and I organised an Beer&Quiz afterwork at the office this month. It was a success I would say. It was different from other afterwork that we usually do because this was the first time that we did a quiz. We also got to drink our home-brew beer as well. People were really engaged with the activity and there would definitely be another quiz for sure!

This month I made a pact with Jesper, my colleague to grow some facial hair due to the Movember. It was actually not my first time doing this and I still didn’t like it XD It would be over soon. Then I would get my clean face back!

This was Åsa, my colleague. She participated in an art exhibition to show and sell her artworks at an gallery in town. I went to congratulate her. Her paintings were super beautiful. There were many artists showing their works at the exhibition. It was so refreshing and inspiring to attend such art exhibition again after some years. 

See you later,

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