The Heaviest

Hi there,

This had been the heaviest month so far since I moved to Gothenburg. I didn’t feel this much stressed for a long while. It was about the mortgage and the new apartment. This was one of the biggest decisions I made in my life. It was just a lot to think about-money, worries, insecurities, etc. I was so confident when I signed the contract last year. Though when the time was approaching, it just felt so heavy, maybe because it was so much money I had put in. I could only hope that things would turn out well and smooth. 

Here is a view from the balcony of my new apartment. It was taken during a sneak peek last month. So there was no light in the apartment at that time. The neighbourhood was nice and quiet.

All heavy and stressful stuff aside, the good thing of this month was the spring party at my office. It was just yesterday. There were a lot of people, alcohol, snacks, and dance. That was simply very fun!

See you later in my new apartment!

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