My Own Home

Hello there,

I just moved into a new apartment-my own apartment. Yes, I bought the apartment. I signed the contract during the spring last year. It was a new production so it was still being built back then. It was sort of done last month and I moved in during the Easter weekend.

The new home was empty and it was completely new. It came with some appliances-a fridge/freezer, washing machine, tumble dryer, oven, microwave, and dish washer. I had to buy all the furniture and everything else by myself. It was expensive but I got a year to save money and plan everything. The move was extremely exhausting because I had to get things in place and assemble furniture as soon as possible. I lost 2 kg within the first 2 weeks after moving. It was not easy but I was lucky enough to get some help and support from my friends and colleagues.

Mai lent me her huge bags for moving stuff. Robert helped me move the dining table. Philip got his car to help me move the table and some other stuff. Jesper got his car to move most of the boxes from my previous apartment and that took 3 trips.

Week 1 was quite a mess. Apart from putting things in place and assembling furniture, I had to report all the defects in the apartment. Though things started to get in place gradually. 

Month 1 was alright. I got most of things in place and was still waiting for a few more things to arrive. At least, I could call it my home where I can sleep peacefully and quietly :)

Here are some views from the hill on the other side of the street (about 2 minutes from my apartment).

See you later,

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