Fast Feb

Hello there,

Things were getting back to normal after the winter holidays. January was so long and February was super short. The month was almost over. There wasn’t much happening except some events at Afry. I also just recovered from a cold and got back to my normal routine (gym, swimming, hot yoga, and dancing) as the dance courses already started. 

There was a film festival at the office earlier this month. We watched Amadeus in one of the cozy evenings. Lots of popcorn and candlelights! 

Here is another afterwork in my Scania project. We had a tacos afterwork that we cooked and ate together. Then we played quiz. It was a fun night :)

We also ate semla on the fettisdagen. Super big and delicious :D

Apart from that, I was preparing for my new apartment. Lots of shopping and planning. It was quite stressful but exciting at the same time. I can’t wait to see my new apartment. Here is the hammer drill set that I just bought. It would be fun XD

See you later,

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