Driving Licence Checked

Hello there,

The highlight of this month was the driving licence! After about one year and a half, I finally got it. It was a very expensive investment. I started taking driving classes around May last year. It took so long because I did the manual car instead of the automatic car. I used to drive automatic cars when I was in Thailand, but here I wanted to learn how to drive manual cars. It was also because I had to learn all the Swedish traffic rules which was very different from Thai traffic rules (They drive on a different side, for example). So I decided to start from scratch and I did 59 classes in total. I did the driving test for 5 times until I passed. It was very difficult and expensive. I really hoped it was worth it :’)

Another big event in this month was Darin concert. I got to know him about 10 years ago after listening to his song when I was in Stockholm. I could say that I was not a hardcore fan. I only knew a couple of his songs. Though Afry just had a social event with a great deal (dinner and concert) so I signed up. It was a pretty fun evening. 

My colleagues and I had an afterwork one day. We went to a Vietnamese restaurant, then we played bowling (again), and then we went to a bar. I was quite tipsy on the day XD

Here, I visited Marco, Stephanie and Sookie, the hairball at their new home. We ate Chinese hotpot. It was super good! 

The month wasn’t so bad after all :)

See you later,

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