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Specialisation Week 4.5 : Finalisation

Hello there,

Finally, the deadline has come. All toolboxes were finished already. This is the last blog of this module.

Now let’s have a look at my last change of the last project.

Infographic design

For the feedback of the previous version that I got from my mentor, it seemed like everything was in the wrong place-fragmented, the left side was totally separated from the right side, fonts were inconsistency, too much text, lack of narrative, illustrations didn’t fit in and seemed like an afterthought, and losing point of info-“graphic”. In other words, in my own interpretation, it sucked and better made a new one… and here it is, the new one. I tried to fix those problems following the feedback but I still keep the old layout and typeface. It was really tough and difficult but I have to learn.


Now let’s check out my calendar.


This is my calendar and my plan during this whole module. Some were changed. Some were crossed because I failed to make it or there was a last minute change which was out of control. So, I had to postpone some schedule. Anyway, in the beginning, I didn’t plan to work on my weekend because I had other stuff to do, but when the time came, it was not what I planned. Then I had to prioritise my tasks and did the more important one instead.

As we see at the bottom, I wrote a kind of summary of days spending on each project.
Illustration = 10 days -> 13 days
Infographic design = 5 days -> 8 days
Work-shadowing = 5 days -> Workshop with GM = 3 days

I spent much more time than I thought…which was not good for me. Actually, I planned to work 8 hours from 9.00-17.00 as a worker, but I can’t make it. What I did was I split 8 hours and worked from 10.00 until 21.00 instead…those 2 extra hours were for eating, commuting, and gym. It’s not what I expected. I know I have to fix this problem.

So far I would say I’ve been being busy almost everyday, but not all the time. There were a lot of short breaks, youtube and facebook. Also there were a lot of hard times and frustration. However, I’m quite satisfied with the result even though it was not that completely perfect. It’s not the best one but it’s getting better.

See you later,

Specialisation Week 4 : Preparation

Hello there,

Suddenly one month was over. How fast! My projects were done before the deadline :) I’m not sure if I didn’t stop using Facebook for a week, my project would be done in time. Things had happened and passed so fast. And yes, some problems happened, and yes, I planned to spare some time to fix them. Though I had to work on weekend almost every week. That’s not in my plan :/

Now, let’s see my last project-infographic design.


I want to present the results/effects of sins, so I gathered the global statistics from the serious problems relating to the sins. For the mood & tone of the design, I want to make it clean, clear and a bit conservative but not too religious. I apply the layout of the Bible and the illustrations that I made. Open and close with a passage from Bible. Not sure if these all work together but the result shows above.

For this module, I learnt to deal with myself. When I feel down because of whatever, one factor comes from Facebook. I experimented to stop using Facebook for one week to see what would happen. I found out that I had much more time to do something else. I had more time to work. I stopped feeling distracted. I can concentrate on my project. It was nice to meet friends on Facebook but we could only chat, nothing more than that. I can only see new feeds running and that creates a lot of emotions which I consider unhealthy to myself. Some are good but some are bad. Is that “envy”?…I don’t know. It might be better to get away from the social network some time to be present and realistic. It’s of course lonely, but it’s lonelier when seeing people doing activities which I can’t participate in any ways. However, I didn’t use Facebook but I didn’t stop seeing friends. I went to work at school. At least, there were some people whom I can interact with otherwise I might get extremely depressed. I tried to work effectively as a professional and use my time wisely. It was really hard but I did try and learned something.

I still have a couple of days left for this module for preparing the presentation and for the last change in my projects. So, let’s keep in touch.

See you soon,

Specialisation Week 3.5 : Rough And Tough

Hi there,

My last toolbox was moving forward. I was working on this project steadily but I’m late on my schedule. I spent three days for researching which I planned to spend only one day. Last Monday I spent the whole day doing research for the topic and preparing for the mentor session on Tuesday. Then, I met my mentor on last Tuesday and still hadn’t had the topic. I spent the whole Wednesday for researching again and finally I summarised the data in the evening. So, I lost two production days. I just began to work on the production process today. My sketch is quite rough.

First draft

While I was sketching and designing, I forgot all the reference and inspiration that I researched last few weeks. The result then looks like above…pretty normal… Anyway, I just got another idea when I took a shower. I’ll go back to my reference and try to apply “the Bible” layout to my infographic.

It’s been being intense every week so far even I had planned everything already… For this week I think I use my time more effective because I hasn’t checked Facebook since last Sunday. Feel like I have plenty of time to work and think and I feel less distracted even though those negative feelings still disturb me a lot. I have to fix this problem by going to school and working with some friends. Just try to be less lonely and it works, kind of…

However, this is the last week. Next week I’m gonna present my project and meet my dear friends. Hope everything will be fine…

See you later,

Specialisation Week 3 : Facebook Free

Hi there,

Week 3 has just passed. I think I’m done with my second toolbox. I really struggled with this illustration task. I thought it was easy but, no, it was not. It’s really hard to find the balance as well as to add the message to communicate. I also spent a lot of time on drawing and painting. I had to repaint/recolour some of them several times because the result was pretty ugly. I tried to find my own style and technique, but still, it needs more time to practice. By the way, I had to finish it, otherwise I wouldn’t meet the deadline and everything would mess up in the end.

Now, let’s see what they look like:

All coloured sins

It’s really really hard, I would say. I haven’t drawn something like this for a couple of years.

The next toolbox-the last one is to make an infographic. I plan to use these characters in it but, first, I have to research the topic, build up the concept and all structure stuff. So, I will have the clear direction and won’t get lost like this toolbox again.

Second toolbox…checked!


Another thing, I just started experimenting “what if I don’t use Facebook for a week?”. I just got this idea this morning after I woke up. Yes, so far it’s no Facebook at all. I just want to get away from all those negative feelings. One solution I came up with is to stay away from social network. Let’s see how it works.


Specialisation Week 2.5 : KixStarter

Hi there,

I just finished my first toolbox yesterday. It’s a 3-day-workshop at school with the real client. This workshop was about helping out a cereal brand. It was very intense to work in short amount of time-2 days and a half. There were 4 teams and each team had a different direction. So, in the end, we had 4 different solutions to present to the client.

It was my first time working in a team that included one of the client. Also, there were some friends from Hyper Island at Karlskrona, but there was no one from Karlskrona in my group :( (My group: Adrian-one of our client, Joakim, Sofia, Max and me)

On the first day, we formed a group and spent a lot of time talking in the group to get to know each other as well as to show “Hyper Island Way” to the client. Then, after getting the brief, we did a lot of ideation processes. It was exhausting but it’s good to review all tools that I’ve learned so far. In the evening we had a very nice dinner.

On the second day, we started with the reflection and feedback. We continued working on the idea and concept. We tried to narrow it down until evening. Then, we started prototyping and made the presentation. We had a long day. My group left around 11 p.m.

On the last day, we spent to whole morning talking and making the presentation. When the time came, yes, we nailed it! I was so proud of our work and our group :) We wrapped it up in the afternoon with some reflection and insight, and say goodbye to our client and friends from Karlskrona.

Wrapping up

It was great, fun and intense. I was so overwhelmed. This workshop was very valuable. It was a great experience. I met new people and learned a lot. Somehow I’m surprised that this kind of big project could be done in only 2 days and a half. What about some projects that I’ve been through that took 4-6 weeks with the similar amount of work? One thing that I noticed was that I almost didn’t check my Facebook for the whole day. I was very focused and productive, even though I was really tired. I would say it’s all about time management and “using time wisely”. Think about how long we spend time on work comparing to Facebook and something else on each day…Maybe we should take it more serious…

First toolbox…checked!

See you again,

Specialisation Week 2 : Short Break

Hi there,

I haven’t continued working on my project much since last Friday (last blog). I spent my weekend with other stuff. If you notice, I’ve changed the appearance of this website to the bright tone finally! I should have done this several months ago. Yeah, procrastination is unpleasant. Now, my homepage looks like this:

Screen Shot 2556-04-14 at 11.15.07 PM

You might notice that there are fewer works than before on my homepage. I have removed some works because I want to focus on only design and illustration. No more for programming. It’s good to know many stuff but sometimes, it needs focusing. Moreover, I plan to change the template of this website because this one doesn’t support video clip. A big change is coming soon!


For my project, after I got feedback and input from my mentor last Friday. It was so constructive. There were many things that I didn’t think about and forgot. I forgot the concept, setting, medium, presentation, etc. I was so careless. Now, I add too much information in my characters and the concept is so weak. I haven’t thought of the next step when I have to make an infographic. It will be a big problem…

So, after getting feedback, I did some more research, found more inspiration and planned for the next step. I think I’ll deconstruct and simplify my characters, and fix some characters that have a problem. I’m gonna use Final Fantasy logos as inspiration.

Final Fantasy Logos

Source: http://www.gameinformer.com/blogs/members/b/vonfinell_blog/archive/2012/12/18/18-31-forging-a-new-destiny-a-final-fantasy-25th-anniversary-tribute.aspx

I got some thoughts from my mentor. Religion and Bible might be interesting for the infographic.

Bible Layout

Source: http://lifedev.net/2010/06/the-medium-is-the-message/

Bosch Seven Deadly Sins“Hieronymus Bosch’s The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things”
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_deadly_sins

So, now I think I have mood & tone for my project already. Next week will be tough and hard I guess. I’m gonna have intense workshop for 3 full days starting from tomorrow, and will finish this toolbox-the illustration within next weekend. Tough and rough way to go.

See ya!

Specialisation Week 1.5 : Helpful Strangers

Hi there,

I had good news for this week. I got a mentor for my project this Monday. His name is Fredrick Avén from Helpful Strangers. Yes, very helpful!

This week was quite intense. Several things had happened and my plan and schedule had been changed. One kind of good thing was that I don’t have to find a place for work-shadowing anymore, because I applied to the workshop with General Mills at school next week. It will take 3 full days from 8.30 until evening! Let’s see what is gonna happen.

About my project, I had been struggling pretty much about my drawing style since I got the feedback from my mentor, which were “find my own style”, “make it easy”, “add more messages for communication”, “don’t have to show everything” and “start researching the topic for infographic before it’s too late”. I think that it is…

I then tried to redesign all characters again to emphasise the sin of that character more and more. I also turned back to draw in my own scratchy line that I used to do when I was in university. I haven’t drawn with this style for years. It took some time to settle down but still not enough time. Moreover, I had to ditch all ideas that I’m gonna use “Art Nouveau” and “Psychedelic” as an inspiration for the background, or maybe I have to find the way to combine these styles with my dark-scratchy line together.

Anyway, in the first blog I didn’t mention the resource and reference that I used for this project. I got the idea of using animals from this website: http://www.deadlysins.com. I actually tried to research more about why those animals relate to the sins but I got none. Maybe it’s in the books but I don’t have much time. So, I tried to add the message in those animals to represent those sins instead.

According to my old plan and old sketches, my characters were supposed to look like this:

(Cow-Lust, Pig-Gluttony, Frog-Greed, Goat-Sloth, Bear-Wrath, Dog-Envy, and Horse-Pride)

After the mentor session last Tuesday, here are new sketches:

I still use the same pose in some characters but change the perspective a bit.

This is when I apply an ink in the sketches:

Not yet, this hasn’t done yet. There will be next steps in the computer for finalising these characters in the illustrations. I had to postpone my schedule further more because this task were harder than I think and, surely, I need to work on the weekend as well.

Let’s keep in touch.

See you so soon,

Specialisation Week 1: Finding Mentors

Hi there,

Now, I was working on “Specialisation” module at school. I had to choose to work on design, tech or management pathway, and I chose design and management. Then, I had to pick up toolboxes or built my own toolboxes (Toolbox is the brief.). For me, I built my own design toolboxes and picked up one toolbox from management pathway. For design toolboxes, I made one illustration and one infographic design toolbox. My plan was to design “The Seven Deadly Sins” on my own interpretation and use those characters in the infographic which I haven’t thought about it yet. I’m not sure about the end result, but we’ll see soon.

For the first week, here are my progress:

I first drew all animals that are related to the sins to practice. Then, I designed the sins using these animal characters mixing with my idea and they look like this:

These characters are not done yet. These are the thumbnail sketches. I need to redraw them again in the bigger size before import them into my computer and finalise them all.

However, I have my progress of my work but I still have some problems with this module. I haven’t had mentors. I sent out emails to 13 people including the artist I like to ask them to be my mentors of my work. All the replies I got so far is ‘no’ and no answer. I also have to find a place for work-shadowing for my management toolbox. I sent emails to 5 people, and all I got is ‘no’ and no answer as well…This is so frustrating. I don’t really know if I have to focus on my work or my mentors because I have only 4 weeks to finish these works, and now I have 3 weeks left.

Whatever will be, will be. Let’s keep in touch.

Touch wood,

Extraordinary Weeks

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Hi there,

Last four weeks were very tough to me and I had to blog my progress during that module. So, I didn’t have time to update this blog. So, let’s catch up with my blogs of last module:

Design weeks
Journal#1 What am I doing?
Journal#2 How it’s going?
Journal#3 How did that go? 

Tech weeks
Journal#1 What am I doing?
Journal#2 How it’s going?
Journal#3 How did that go? 

Here is a photo of keyboards from different countries. (The last one is kind of Russian.) I took it from my friends at school. Let’s see how they are.

Last week, I had a chance to cook a strawberry crumble. I’ve ever had it once when I was in summer course in England about 6-7 years ago. It was really awesome. I wish I could have it again and here’s my first strawberry crumble:

It tasted pretty nice but the crumble was quite too hard. Anyway, it was my first time cooking this menu and using an oven. I’m sure that there will be another time soon!

Take care,

The First Snow

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Hi there everyone,

I’ve been being so busy and lazy in these few weeks. Last huge module took a lot from me. Let’s get update with my last blog of the previous module-“Whatever will be, will be…fine”. I think my friends and I has just made a great success from that project even we didn’t achieve every goals we had set, but we rocked! At least, people laughed, smiled, screamed and enjoyed with our project-“Panic Box” that made me felt so happy and proud with my project and my group :)

Here is a photo from the Panic Box:

Now, I’m in a new module and I also have to do blogging again, so let’s take a look on my first blog of this module: “#1 What am I doing?“. This reminds me the old days when I was a Flash programmer. Those lines of messy codes never get away from me…


That busy life took my life far away from my soul. I haven’t had much time to think about my personal life that much. Let’s move on to my personal life.

This week I just met the first snow(falling from the sky) in my life! It’s an early snow, they say. It’s around 5 p.m. I was at school and about to leave. I was talking with my friend on the way, then some white flakes fell from somewhere. At first, I thought it was as ash. Maybe somebody was burning something somewhere. I remembered I asked my friend “What is this?”. She told me “This is a snow!”. Oh man…It’s real! Hahaha…I’ve ever touch it before when I was on the trip in Japan a few years ago, but it’s on the ground, not in the air. Anyhow, this might be a sign of winter. It’s beginning.

This photo is the car park at the back of my apartment in the night of the first snow.

My friends asked me what/how did I think about the snow and this cold weather. Though I come from Thailand-the hot country, I have no idea, excited, maybe. Anyway, the first snow could trigger my excitement for a day. On these days, the temperature was about subzero or above zero in the daytime. This is extremely cold for me and I know that it’s getting worse and worse in next few months… Am I ready? I don’t know. Whatever will be, will be. I have to live here and I can’t escape. Swedes can survive here. Why can’t I?

It’s just another lesson in my life. No matter where I live, the important thing is that how I can live. I must be able to adapt my life to the change, and I’m proving it. One thing I found that it could help me is that I should forget all the rules and dignities on my shoulders. I come from another place where everything is different. If I brought all those things with me, I don’t think I would be okay and feel comfortable here. All those things make a square in my head which locks me inside, locks others outside and I’ll end up in my close-minded like a glass full of water which it couldn’t be filled up anymore. Isn’t it better if I am half a glass of water? I’ll never be full and fooled…


Here is another poster I made from the lecture at school:

Take care,