Specialisation Week 3 : Facebook Free

Hi there,

Week 3 has just passed. I think I’m done with my second toolbox. I really struggled with this illustration task. I thought it was easy but, no, it was not. It’s really hard to find the balance as well as to add the message to communicate. I also spent a lot of time on drawing and painting. I had to repaint/recolour some of them several times because the result was pretty ugly. I tried to find my own style and technique, but still, it needs more time to practice. By the way, I had to finish it, otherwise I wouldn’t meet the deadline and everything would mess up in the end.

Now, let’s see what they look like:

All coloured sins

It’s really really hard, I would say. I haven’t drawn something like this for a couple of years.

The next toolbox-the last one is to make an infographic. I plan to use these characters in it but, first, I have to research the topic, build up the concept and all structure stuff. So, I will have the clear direction and won’t get lost like this toolbox again.

Second toolbox…checked!


Another thing, I just started experimenting “what if I don’t use Facebook for a week?”. I just got this idea this morning after I woke up. Yes, so far it’s no Facebook at all. I just want to get away from all those negative feelings. One solution I came up with is to stay away from social network. Let’s see how it works.


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