Specialisation Week 1: Finding Mentors

Hi there,

Now, I was working on “Specialisation” module at school. I had to choose to work on design, tech or management pathway, and I chose design and management. Then, I had to pick up toolboxes or built my own toolboxes (Toolbox is the brief.). For me, I built my own design toolboxes and picked up one toolbox from management pathway. For design toolboxes, I made one illustration and one infographic design toolbox. My plan was to design “The Seven Deadly Sins” on my own interpretation and use those characters in the infographic which I haven’t thought about it yet. I’m not sure about the end result, but we’ll see soon.

For the first week, here are my progress:

I first drew all animals that are related to the sins to practice. Then, I designed the sins using these animal characters mixing with my idea and they look like this:

These characters are not done yet. These are the thumbnail sketches. I need to redraw them again in the bigger size before import them into my computer and finalise them all.

However, I have my progress of my work but I still have some problems with this module. I haven’t had mentors. I sent out emails to 13 people including the artist I like to ask them to be my mentors of my work. All the replies I got so far is ‘no’ and no answer. I also have to find a place for work-shadowing for my management toolbox. I sent emails to 5 people, and all I got is ‘no’ and no answer as well…This is so frustrating. I don’t really know if I have to focus on my work or my mentors because I have only 4 weeks to finish these works, and now I have 3 weeks left.

Whatever will be, will be. Let’s keep in touch.

Touch wood,

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