Specialisation Week 2 : Short Break

Hi there,

I haven’t continued working on my project much since last Friday (last blog). I spent my weekend with other stuff. If you notice, I’ve changed the appearance of this website to the bright tone finally! I should have done this several months ago. Yeah, procrastination is unpleasant. Now, my homepage looks like this:

Screen Shot 2556-04-14 at 11.15.07 PM

You might notice that there are fewer works than before on my homepage. I have removed some works because I want to focus on only design and illustration. No more for programming. It’s good to know many stuff but sometimes, it needs focusing. Moreover, I plan to change the template of this website because this one doesn’t support video clip. A big change is coming soon!


For my project, after I got feedback and input from my mentor last Friday. It was so constructive. There were many things that I didn’t think about and forgot. I forgot the concept, setting, medium, presentation, etc. I was so careless. Now, I add too much information in my characters and the concept is so weak. I haven’t thought of the next step when I have to make an infographic. It will be a big problem…

So, after getting feedback, I did some more research, found more inspiration and planned for the next step. I think I’ll deconstruct and simplify my characters, and fix some characters that have a problem. I’m gonna use Final Fantasy logos as inspiration.

Final Fantasy Logos

Source: http://www.gameinformer.com/blogs/members/b/vonfinell_blog/archive/2012/12/18/18-31-forging-a-new-destiny-a-final-fantasy-25th-anniversary-tribute.aspx

I got some thoughts from my mentor. Religion and Bible might be interesting for the infographic.

Bible Layout

Source: http://lifedev.net/2010/06/the-medium-is-the-message/

Bosch Seven Deadly Sins“Hieronymus Bosch’s The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things”
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_deadly_sins

So, now I think I have mood & tone for my project already. Next week will be tough and hard I guess. I’m gonna have intense workshop for 3 full days starting from tomorrow, and will finish this toolbox-the illustration within next weekend. Tough and rough way to go.

See ya!

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