Specialisation Week 3.5 : Rough And Tough

Hi there,

My last toolbox was moving forward. I was working on this project steadily but I’m late on my schedule. I spent three days for researching which I planned to spend only one day. Last Monday I spent the whole day doing research for the topic and preparing for the mentor session on Tuesday. Then, I met my mentor on last Tuesday and still hadn’t had the topic. I spent the whole Wednesday for researching again and finally I summarised the data in the evening. So, I lost two production days. I just began to work on the production process today. My sketch is quite rough.

First draft

While I was sketching and designing, I forgot all the reference and inspiration that I researched last few weeks. The result then looks like above…pretty normal… Anyway, I just got another idea when I took a shower. I’ll go back to my reference and try to apply “the Bible” layout to my infographic.

It’s been being intense every week so far even I had planned everything already… For this week I think I use my time more effective because I hasn’t checked Facebook since last Sunday. Feel like I have plenty of time to work and think and I feel less distracted even though those negative feelings still disturb me a lot. I have to fix this problem by going to school and working with some friends. Just try to be less lonely and it works, kind of…

However, this is the last week. Next week I’m gonna present my project and meet my dear friends. Hope everything will be fine…

See you later,

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