Specialisation Week 2.5 : KixStarter

Hi there,

I just finished my first toolbox yesterday. It’s a 3-day-workshop at school with the real client. This workshop was about helping out a cereal brand. It was very intense to work in short amount of time-2 days and a half. There were 4 teams and each team had a different direction. So, in the end, we had 4 different solutions to present to the client.

It was my first time working in a team that included one of the client. Also, there were some friends from Hyper Island at Karlskrona, but there was no one from Karlskrona in my group :( (My group: Adrian-one of our client, Joakim, Sofia, Max and me)

On the first day, we formed a group and spent a lot of time talking in the group to get to know each other as well as to show “Hyper Island Way” to the client. Then, after getting the brief, we did a lot of ideation processes. It was exhausting but it’s good to review all tools that I’ve learned so far. In the evening we had a very nice dinner.

On the second day, we started with the reflection and feedback. We continued working on the idea and concept. We tried to narrow it down until evening. Then, we started prototyping and made the presentation. We had a long day. My group left around 11 p.m.

On the last day, we spent to whole morning talking and making the presentation. When the time came, yes, we nailed it! I was so proud of our work and our group :) We wrapped it up in the afternoon with some reflection and insight, and say goodbye to our client and friends from Karlskrona.

Wrapping up

It was great, fun and intense. I was so overwhelmed. This workshop was very valuable. It was a great experience. I met new people and learned a lot. Somehow I’m surprised that this kind of big project could be done in only 2 days and a half. What about some projects that I’ve been through that took 4-6 weeks with the similar amount of work? One thing that I noticed was that I almost didn’t check my Facebook for the whole day. I was very focused and productive, even though I was really tired. I would say it’s all about time management and “using time wisely”. Think about how long we spend time on work comparing to Facebook and something else on each day…Maybe we should take it more serious…

First toolbox…checked!

See you again,

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