The First Snow

Hi there everyone,

I’ve been being so busy and lazy in these few weeks. Last huge module took a lot from me. Let’s get update with my last blog of the previous module-“Whatever will be, will be…fine”. I think my friends and I has just made a great success from that project even we didn’t achieve every goals we had set, but we rocked! At least, people laughed, smiled, screamed and enjoyed with our project-“Panic Box” that made me felt so happy and proud with my project and my group :)

Here is a photo from the Panic Box:

Now, I’m in a new module and I also have to do blogging again, so let’s take a look on my first blog of this module: “#1 What am I doing?“. This reminds me the old days when I was a Flash programmer. Those lines of messy codes never get away from me…


That busy life took my life far away from my soul. I haven’t had much time to think about my personal life that much. Let’s move on to my personal life.

This week I just met the first snow(falling from the sky) in my life! It’s an early snow, they say. It’s around 5 p.m. I was at school and about to leave. I was talking with my friend on the way, then some white flakes fell from somewhere. At first, I thought it was as ash. Maybe somebody was burning something somewhere. I remembered I asked my friend “What is this?”. She told me “This is a snow!”. Oh man…It’s real! Hahaha…I’ve ever touch it before when I was on the trip in Japan a few years ago, but it’s on the ground, not in the air. Anyhow, this might be a sign of winter. It’s beginning.

This photo is the car park at the back of my apartment in the night of the first snow.

My friends asked me what/how did I think about the snow and this cold weather. Though I come from Thailand-the hot country, I have no idea, excited, maybe. Anyway, the first snow could trigger my excitement for a day. On these days, the temperature was about subzero or above zero in the daytime. This is extremely cold for me and I know that it’s getting worse and worse in next few months… Am I ready? I don’t know. Whatever will be, will be. I have to live here and I can’t escape. Swedes can survive here. Why can’t I?

It’s just another lesson in my life. No matter where I live, the important thing is that how I can live. I must be able to adapt my life to the change, and I’m proving it. One thing I found that it could help me is that I should forget all the rules and dignities on my shoulders. I come from another place where everything is different. If I brought all those things with me, I don’t think I would be okay and feel comfortable here. All those things make a square in my head which locks me inside, locks others outside and I’ll end up in my close-minded like a glass full of water which it couldn’t be filled up anymore. Isn’t it better if I am half a glass of water? I’ll never be full and fooled…


Here is another poster I made from the lecture at school:

Take care,

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