Specialisation Week 4.5 : Finalisation

Hello there,

Finally, the deadline has come. All toolboxes were finished already. This is the last blog of this module.

Now let’s have a look at my last change of the last project.

Infographic design

For the feedback of the previous version that I got from my mentor, it seemed like everything was in the wrong place-fragmented, the left side was totally separated from the right side, fonts were inconsistency, too much text, lack of narrative, illustrations didn’t fit in and seemed like an afterthought, and losing point of info-“graphic”. In other words, in my own interpretation, it sucked and better made a new one… and here it is, the new one. I tried to fix those problems following the feedback but I still keep the old layout and typeface. It was really tough and difficult but I have to learn.


Now let’s check out my calendar.


This is my calendar and my plan during this whole module. Some were changed. Some were crossed because I failed to make it or there was a last minute change which was out of control. So, I had to postpone some schedule. Anyway, in the beginning, I didn’t plan to work on my weekend because I had other stuff to do, but when the time came, it was not what I planned. Then I had to prioritise my tasks and did the more important one instead.

As we see at the bottom, I wrote a kind of summary of days spending on each project.
Illustration = 10 days -> 13 days
Infographic design = 5 days -> 8 days
Work-shadowing = 5 days -> Workshop with GM = 3 days

I spent much more time than I thought…which was not good for me. Actually, I planned to work 8 hours from 9.00-17.00 as a worker, but I can’t make it. What I did was I split 8 hours and worked from 10.00 until 21.00 instead…those 2 extra hours were for eating, commuting, and gym. It’s not what I expected. I know I have to fix this problem.

So far I would say I’ve been being busy almost everyday, but not all the time. There were a lot of short breaks, youtube and facebook. Also there were a lot of hard times and frustration. However, I’m quite satisfied with the result even though it was not that completely perfect. It’s not the best one but it’s getting better.

See you later,

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