Warm Winter


Finally snow had arrived! It was super late and didn’t make it for the white Christmas. Hopefully it would stay until spring. The weather in Stockholm seems unpredictable. I remembered a few months ago it said that this winter would be the coldest winter in blablabla years. Apparently, it sucked. It just snowed a few days ago and now the temperature was around 0 degree.

The period 2 was almost over. I would say that it was way too long because it covered these long holidays. There would be an exam week after these holidays. I don’t know why they arranged schedule like this. At the moment, I had 1 project report, 1 group project (+seminar+report), 1 exam waiting for me to finish. Then the period 3 starts right after. What a good long break!

There were so many things going on this year. My year was pretty full from January until now-3 months in an ad agency, 4 months in a huge telecom company, and 5 months as a Master’s student at KTH. That was a lot to learn. One thing, I had to admit that it wasn’t the best year because there were so many downs and much frustration but also many wonderful and memorable moments. It wasn’t bad but very productive, I may say. Moreover, there were many new people and friends coming along and that was so good :)

This year I talked more. I travelled more and organised more. I worked and played harder. I partied more. I met up and socialised more. Next year I should read more. I should listen more and pay more respect to other people. I should spend less money. I should be less radical and more moderate. I should be more careful and conscious. I should study more XD

Here let’s see some good memories from what I came across during past weeks. (Warning: heavy load of photos)

IMG_6630 IMG_6634

Swiss cheese fondue at Michael’s place (From the left: Andreas, Yang, Yann, Michael, Anastasiia, Sofia, Pute)

DSC_0225 IMG_6680DSC_0266 DSC_0330   IMG_6723IMG_6657


Tallinn trip by a cruise (Old town, Christmas market, Lennusadam Seaplane Harbour) We went to many places but I just picked up some photos from those. (From the left: Antoine another Swiss company, me, Michael, Andreas)

DSC_0339 IMG_6750IMG_6772aDSC_0361 DSC_0377  DSC_0389 IMG_6758 IMG_6836

Malmö + Copenhagen trip. Now we have Charlotte, the French company :D This trip was so wet and dark but was so fun. (The video made by Charlotte.)

IMG_6844 IMG_6845
It happened that my good friend-Dongjiao invited me to the Swedish Christmas table with her family and friends. It was super warm and cozy dinner. The second photo is when we played a Christmas present game. It was pretty crazy :D


A cozy party after the Christmas. It was 5 hours dinner and after I ate 2 cinnamon buns, 2 bowls of soup, 5 chicken wings, 6 pieces of pizza, 1 bowl of chocolate mousse with ice cream, and several cups of tea, it wasn’t cozy at all XD Thank Michael for this wonderful evening and the group photo.


This is round 2 on another day (yesterday I mean)…


and now, meet my university in winter.

I wish you a very merry Christmas and happy new year :D,

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