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Winter was coming so soon or it might be already here. Today it was below zero degree but there was no snow. A few days ago, it said in the weather forecast that it would snow this weekend but it changed :/ Though it was sunny and I can catch some sun light from the very short day. Yes, the sun set around 4pm. There isn’t much chance to catch the sun in the Swedish winter. It is most likely to be grey for the whole day or week. However, this was just the beginning.

I was in the middle of period 2 and my study was getting harder and heavier. This week was very exhausting. All assignments I had were quite intense and I had a few stressful days early this week plus, plus some trouble sleeping. Maybe it’s because of the winter weather… Anyway, it would be okay. Everything was still alright until now and I hoped it would be alright in the future as well.

Since my last blog, apart from school, I attended Imagine Dragons concert in Stockholm, Svansjön (Swan Lake) ballet, Göteborg road trip, Thai food party, and last night was an ice hockey game KTH vs Lund University :D It was a like a 5 weeks but when I looked back. There were so many things that I did and I didn’t even realise or reflect upon them. Half of my time was spent on study; reading, writing, attending lectures and labs, and doing assignments. The other half was something else…(excluding eating, sleeping, exercising and blablabla) like partying, planning some arrangements and other fun stuff. It is nice to be focused on the study meanwhile it is important to do something else as well. I didn’t come here to just study but I wanted to meet people and make friends too. You never know who you will meet. For one thing, isn’t it cool to have friends around the world? Then I have more reasons to visit other countries and places than just to travel.

There would be some more trips coming up next month before the Christmas. I was still looking for something during Christmas and New Year’s eve although there would be an exam after these long holidays. It made me feel a bit uneasy but, well, I couldn’t do anything but only prepare myself, and of course, there would be a re-exam if I fail. It would be fun XD

Here is compilation of my last few weeks.


Imagine Dragons live in Stockholm. That is Charlotte, a French company :)


This is from the Ljusfest i Eskilsparken (Light festival) of the lighting friends. They had an exhibition in the park in Handen. On the left is Anastasiia, on the right is Charles, and Marc took this picture :)


Meet the Karlssons. I had a chance to visit Dongjiao and Kasper-good friends from my past year and this is Numa Karlsson. He grows up pretty fast :D


Svansjön (Swan Lake) ballet. Video and photograph were not allowed during the show :/

IMG_644811249155_10153482270164270_2081426018189301583_o  12182695_10153482270879270_5362044650077255278_o 12184265_10153478989054270_6353451459983571335_o   IMG_648812189277_10153480108239270_8458406031320616701_o12182433_10153482271704270_3171806095960448411_o11227067_10153481288484270_6948682872838855741_o12194837_10153482272249270_4277504485815033390_o

Gothenburg road trip with Andreas Albrecht, Michael Kühni, Yann-Alexander Konczalla-Petri. 3 nights and 3 days from Stockholm to Norrköping, to Västervik, to Jönköping, to Göteborg, to Skärhamn, to Örebro, and to Stockholm. It wasn’t this much in the beginning. However, we managed to extend our trip, so it wouldn’t be boring.


It was a Thai food party. I didn’t have a chance to take a photo of all dishes. It was gone really quick. (Thank Michael for the nice group photo :D)


This was just last night. Ice hockey KTH vs Lund University. We won 6-2!

Hope you enjoy reading this blog :)

Vi ses,

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