New Year 2016

Gott nytt år!

January was about to pass so soon. It was a cold and dark month. Yes, there was a lot of snow which was so nice and beautiful but Swedish winter is sometimes wicked. The lowest temperature I had experienced this winter was -17. It was in the morning of the day I had that math exam. It wasn’t actually math exam. It was about visualisation and there was math involved partly. Anyway, I passed :D

Even though there were 2 weeks off from school, there were still so many things happening. Continuing from the last blog, I celebrated New Year’s eve with my friends. We cooked some sort of German food and Austrian dessert or something if I’m right. It was so nice. Then we went out to the town and count down on the hill Skinnarviksberget. It was extremely windy, slippery and crowded. Though we saw fireworks around Södermalm which were really nice. I don’t have photos of the view from that night because my phone was dead so it could only be seen through my memory :’)


Here are some photos from the deep fried chicken dinner. It wasn’t that good but not that bad. It was my first time cooking this menu. Anyway, there would be next time!

IMG_6894 IMG_6895

Then, came a couple of trips. My friends and I went to Mariefred to visit Gripsholm castle. It was an hour from Stockholm to the west by train. It was a nice trip.

DSC_0410 DSC_0440 DSC_0435DSC_0439

From the left, Ice, Pute, Phoenix, David, Michael, me :D

After that, Michael and I went to Kaknästornet. It was a tall tower in the east of Stockholm. It was so windy and cold up there. I don’t have a photo of the tower but only photos from the tower.

DSC_0471 DSC_0490

Here came the new students. I got a chance to work as a student guide to welcome new students in Stockholm for the spring semester. My job was to be a student guide on the bus. It was a fun task. I had great opportunities to meet and talk to new people.


During those arrival days, the Swiss friends arranged Swiss dinner party. It was so lovely and cozy although I thought I ate too much cheese and chocolate. It was so great and fantastic. These people were so lovely :D


And last week, Jorge, Giuliana, Ashu and I had farewell dinner (Ajiaco, Colombian food!) because Jorge was leaving the town to Denmark to continue his study there. That is Bun-bun-bom, our snowman.


Apart from that, this period was going well. So far I was busy almost everyday XD I wasn’t sure if I should drop one course since I had taken 3 courses instead of 2. Plus I still attended Swedish course at SFI in the evening twice a week. It wasn’t that easy I must say but I think I can carry on.

See ya!

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