The First Period

Hi there,

Being a Master’s student was not that easy. I had been being busy since the school started. There were a lot to do in these several weeks. Though the first period was about to end.

The system here was kind of new to me. There are 2 periods in 1 semester, so there are 4 periods in 1 academic year. In each period, I would study like 2-4 subjects, I guess. For example, I studied only 3 subjects in this first period. It didn’t sound that much but believe me. That was pretty full. Moreover, I was taking Swedish class in every evening of Tuesday and Thursday at SFI as well (Yes, I signed up for the Swedish class already.).

It had been a long while that I didn’t take an exam (except IELTS). I still didn’t have any exam in this period but I can feel it’s coming. There were also much writing and reading. I read hundreds of pages and wrote thousands of words already in this very first period. Phew…and there would be another group project report that I was waiting to submit tonight when I was writing this blog. There was also something I didn’t expect. It was math! Never knew I would have to do it here. After 10 years being away, it all came back. Such a pain in the ass. Apart from math, I had to catch up with some sciences too. It wasn’t that hard but sometimes I got very frustrated.

However, I knew some friends who can help me. I didn’t mean to do such cheating, but they can teach me. This is one of many advantages of being surrounded by science students.

Besides heavy stuff, there was some other fun stuff that I was doing in parallel. I was arranging food parties and trips with new friends. Those parties were like surströmming party, Ukrainian varenyky party (last month) and Thai food party (next month). It wasn’t my idea in the first place, but somehow, I got my hands on and kept doing it. It wasn’t that hard but it took some energy. Anyway, it was fun. For the trips, there were a couple of plans going on now. My friends and I were taking a road trip to Gothenburg soon. And there would be trips to Tallinn in Estonia, to Malmö and to Lapland (Abisko+Kiruna, again YAY!). Hopefully we can make it all XD

It might be too early to think about this, but soon most of my new friends would leave KTH, because many of them were exchanged students and they were here for only a year or even shorter while I had to continue for another year. This was an easy part :/

Alright, that was short and brief story of my first period at KTH.

Now, it’s time for photos!

This was lunch time in the late summer.

Friday night with new friends.

Gamla Stan in an early morning of autumn.

The final presentation of the group project that we had been working on for the whole period. From the left, me, Sofie, Frida, Ewoud :)

See you later,

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