Same Place, Different Story

Hello everyone,

The first month in Sweden was over. It was a super quick and intense month. Since the first day until the last day, I hadn’t had a single free day. There were so many activities from THS (Tekniska Högskolans Studentkår), a student union of KTH that I signed up for. I met so many new people, had several parties and made new friends.

Comparing to my previous time, this time I tried not to walk to same path. I know what I did wrong and I would not do it again. It wasn’t that easy and it took a lot out of me, but I could see that it was getting better in time. Every skill needs practicing.

So what had I done in August? Some examples: visiting museums, touring around Stockholm, attending festivals, attending birthday parties, visiting Swedish archipelago, trekking in the wood, kayaking, meeting some old friends :), attending Stephen Hawking lecture!!! and having surströmming party. I would not go into details but as you can see, there were a lot. It was actually a bit tricky that I did so many things, but didn’t have time to reflect. I felt exhausted almost everyday, but those days were valuable. It was such great experience.

By the way, the school started yesterday. It kind of felt strange when going to school again and attending lectures. Three years ago, I came here to Stockholm to study and after two years, I went back to my hometown to work, and one year later, I came back to Stockholm again to study. It looks like my life is ever changing. I don’t know if this is good or bad. I hope that it will turn out positive in the future.

These is a series of photos, not chronologically, but randomly. Some of these photos are taken from some friends hehe.



Some photos from the Stockholm Kulturfestival.

A scene from the hiking trip

IMG_5878A kayaking day

KTH main campus

This is Lennart, a Swedish friend from my past years who happened to crash in at my place after the party.

IMG_5920My pre-sessional English course classmates


IMG_5934Some photos from the archipelago trip


IMG_6008Giuliana, Michael, Zoey on the trekking trip

IMG_6027Meet Stephen Hawking at his public lecture!!!


surstrommingSurströmming party YAY!


GOPR0742KTH Welcome Reception

groupphotoGroup photo from the picnic day

Just keep in touch and I will tell you all about it.

See you later,

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