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2018 started quite calmly. After I finished my internship at Match2One, there wasn’t much to do. My main focus was to find a job. I had some interviews with some companies and did some test projects. The process was still going on though very slowly. Some companies that I got in contact with hadn’t shown up since the holidays (or maybe they decided to move on with other candidates and didn’t tell me. I don’t really know.). There was one company that seemed to be promising but I can’t really say anything until I sign the contract.

I was under the pressure of seeking employment for a while and this was my second time in Sweden. I was stressed but I learned to let go because it was out of my control and I did my best already. I had about one month left to find a job. With the time I had left, I could choose to be very sad and depressed, or be happy and enjoy the moment. I guessed it wouldn’t matter anymore when I knew that eventually I had to go home. So why would I be sad when I can be happy, right? Well, but if I managed to get a job, that would be another story. It was a little too soon to say anything at the moment. So let’s see.

Back to the New Year’s eve, I celebrated with my classmates-Yinglai, Steven, Tingye, Ludwig, and his friends at Ludwig’s place. It was actually pretty fancy as it was also a farewell party for Ludwig and he was leaving to do PhD study in England for some years.

This is a drawing of the living room in the house that I was living in. This was a New Year present from me to Maria and Lennart.

See you another time.


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