Quick Snow

Hi there,

It was halfway of my 3-month internship at Match2One. I was still positive and happy with what I did there. The work wasn’t boring and they gave me real things to work with which I really appreciated. The colleagues were nice and it seemed like the company was growing pretty fast. I guessed there would be more people joining in soon. It was quite exciting to see how my internship would go in the next one and a half month.

The past month was a bit quiet. The house became pretty peaceful since there were only a few people living here. I didn’t go out much as well. There was a light festival at Hagaparken which was quite nice. I also had a dinner meeting with some Thai friends/students a couple of weeks ago. There was a lot of talking and eating.

Lastly, winter seemed to be here already! It snowed for a couple of days then it got warmer and rained. So all the snow just disappeared. I wished I would have a white Christmas this year. Let’s see.

See you later,

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