Fast And Februarious

Hi there,

This February was my craziest month at KTH so far. It was because of the 3 courses I was taking. I sort of had a clue that it would turn out this way but it was the only chance for me to learn and take these courses. I didn’t want to do it when I do my Master’s thesis. There were many projects and deadlines in a very short period of time. Actually, the number of projects was not that many but the size of the projects grew in time. It just stressed me out until I couldn’t finish everything on my own. Fortunately, some of them were group projects and my friends were kind enough to help me out. I’m not saying that they worked for me. I did my part and had them lightening the workload. Otherwise what was the point of taking these courses? It was more than halfway already. Four more weeks and it is over!

Beside the shitload of works, I had learned a lot of technical skills for example, programming and prototyping. I had some background and knowledge around this area before. Now I had opportunities to learn and practise more, and I think it was a very good situation because I was surrounded by programmers and engineers. They were just so nice and I could specialise in these areas faster and deeper with help and support around.

Here are some projects that I would like to show (off). They were projects that I worked with my friends in the class. The first one is a game called “Finding Doyly”. It’s just a prototype. The idea was to create a game using eye tracking together with speech recognition. My part was to design an interaction and the game interface. The other three Swedish guys (Joakim, Alex, Robin) were developers. They were just simply great! And yes, we all brainstormed together.


The second one is an app prototype. Memental is an app that keep track of your emotions using wearable devices. My part was to design the interface. Frida and Yinglai helped with the prototype and programming. Though we all took part in the ideation and brainstorming process. There is actually a blog of this project. Check it out:


Apart from the serious stuff, the good news is that the Iceland trip during spring had settled! I am so excited. It’s gonna be awesome! Let’s wait and see (for the next few months) XD

Earlier this month, a good friend of mine-Michael had left the town to continue his Master’s in his homeland )’: Anyway, it’s always nice to meet again (hopefully in summer in Switzerland!). Here are some photos from the farewell party. Not sure if you can see some faces. My phone camera was so horrible.

IMG_7037 copy

Then, came the Chinese New Year. We celebrated in a Chinese restaurant in Stockholm. It was just simple Chinese dinner and it was so nice :)


Last but not least, it was the time for the German dinner at the red house with the lovely people. I was too late to take a photo of the food. So I only had some photos of the leftover and dessert! As usual, it was just great. Huge thanks to all German cooks: Andreas, Sebastian, Yann, Nikos, and Felix.

IMG_7075 IMG_7077 copy IMG_7079

Alright, that was it for this crazy February. I really need to go back to work. I skipped the Swedish class this evening to work and now I’m writing this blog…well, at least it is my time to relax a little bit before I go insane :S Hope you enjoy reading.

See you another time,

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