My December

Hello there,

First semester at Hyper Island has just passed. Twenty weeks have just gone. How fast time goes by… I have only 47 weeks at school before go out to intern and say goodbye to my dear friends… :'(

This is my first Christmas and New Year celebration outside Thailand. I have no idea what it’s gonna happen because I’m a Buddhist. I don’t celebrate the Christmas but I kind of know what it is, because I studied in Christian high school. That’s why I’m not religious because I learnt both Christianity and Buddhism.

Many friends went back to their home to their family. Some went out to other countries. I actually planned to go far north to see the northern lights (my most wish), but it’s too late. All places are fully booked during this winter break :'( So, I’m stuck in Stockholm, trying to go somewhere.

Somehow I wondered how strong I am. I am staying here alone in a foreign country which it’s completely different from where I was born. I don’t know their language and my English is not that good. I have to face with a tough weather, like dark, cold and long winter. It seemed soft but, actually, it’s not. I saw some people had a hard time living in this condition. Some can’t stand and had to leave. Some had to go home. They had choices but I have none. Some might have everything here but I have nothing here. In this kind of condition, I have to stay strong and be conscious and present. If not, then comes the depression.

One good thing is, yesterday, I got an invitation from my friend to visit his home at Enköping for Christmas! It’s gonna be fun. This is such a great Christmas gift for me :D

See you later.

Merry Christmas,

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