Conversation of Insanity

+  Why don’t you apologise them?
–  It’s not my fault. Why do I have to feel sorry?
+  You messed it up. That’s the point. You just told someone to stay calm a few weeks ago. Don’t you remember?
–  But I didn’t begin. They made me critical.
+  It doesn’t matter whether you began or not. They are your beloved friends. Just say sorry. That won’t kill you.
–  Why does it has to be me who always lose in the end?
+  This is not a competition, stubborn bastard! You are hurting friends. Don’t you see?
–  They hurt me as well.
+  So what? You’re taking a revenge. Is this called friendship? Now, don’t you see who hurts the most huh?
–  …but they excluded me. Didn’t you feel that, Mr. Hypocrite?
+  I know. I feel, but it’s just a few sentences and I wasn’t there at that moment. Why would I have to take it such a big deal?
–  Because you would take it for granted and I’m sure if you stayed calm and did nothing, there would be the next time, and FYI, I acted, unlike you.
+  Stop being resentful, kid. People always make a mistake.
–  I know and this is my mistake, but not my fault!
+  You know. Good for you. Don’t you wanna fix it, Mr. Heartless?
–  I’m not heartless.
+  Mr. Cold and Dry.
–  I’m not cold and dry.
+  Prove it.
–  Okay okay, I will fix it.
+  When?
–  I don’t know.
+  What are you waiting for?
–  I’m not sure. I’m afraid. I don’t know if there is some love left for me.
+  Is it that tough? Why are you so weak with this easy step? Don’t you forget that you have less than 46 weeks left for seeing those guys?
–  What if they don’t want to see me?
+  Then, what about the past that you’ve been through together?
–  But it’s just a few months. How can I be sure?
+  Stop being doubtful and selfish. You know that you have nothing here. If they don’t want to be back, you won’t lose anything.
–  What if they don’t forgive me?
+  At least, you give it a shot and learn something. Plus, you screwed them up. What do you think you deserve? It’s not your business. You just do your best and let them decide.

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