Plan B

Hi there,

My time in Sweden was about to be over. Things just didn’t work out as I expected even though I tried really hard and did everything I could to make the most out of it. It just didn’t happen. I would be leaving Sweden to Bangkok tomorrow without a plan to come back soon, but who knows!

You treated me very well this time, Sweden. I had a great time being here, making good friends, working with things I like, and learning about new things and myself. This time I wasn’t broken and depressed like last time (in 2014). It seemed like I had learned how to cope with the situation. This sort of transition is just a part of life. I became more curious about what would come up next and how the next chapter would be.

These last few days were for me to meet some friends, spend some moment together, and say goodbye. Though I really hoped it was not our last goodbye. We would meet again either here or there. :)

I would be missing this house, Maria, Lennart, and Karlsson family so much.

Until we meet again, miss you all,

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