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Hello there,

I had been very busy during these last few weeks. Working with the real client in the real environment had never been easy. Also, working in a team was not that simple as well. Though I know my teammates, there always be a surprise all the time. Trust me. Human-being is complicated.

During this module, I had learned a lot of new things. I found out that I can facilitate the workshop! It was insecure and I was nervous in the beginning, but it turned out in the positive way. My friends and I got some positive feedback which made me feel proud. I also learned how to develop ideas. Yes, I just learned! It’s late considering the time I spent at Hyper Island where we work with ideas all the time. It’s better than learning nothing when leaving school, isn’t it?

Still, there was something in my mind that I can’t figure out. Why do we have to say “Yes, and…” all the time (in order to build up ideas)? Isn’t it strange to agree with everything? How about other opinions? Is it okay to say “No”? What if I have a different point of view? What if my idea goes in different direction? … or I just mixed up everything together…?

Anyway, there was something else I had to concern. This module was ending next week meaning that I had 4 weeks left to find an internship. I wished I would get a place somewhere around here in Stockholm. So, I can continue my life and I can possibly stay here after my internship, hopefully. If not, I would have to move to another country and my life in Sweden would be over… However, every ending is a new beginning. Who knew what would happen in the next few weeks, but I knew that it’s time to say goodbye to some of my friends who were flying away. No promise to see you again. Maybe I would fly away as well…


Here is another set of my drawing project-100 days of feelings (These are day 41-60).



Take care and see you soon,

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