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Hi there everyone,

It’s been three weeks since the last blog. Many things happened. I somehow forgot and lost in time. I was up and down all these last few weeks. The good thing was that my sadness was over. Things had been fixed in time, no, it’s not only “time”. It did healed but there was something more. Caring, understanding and communication helped me out this time. It might sound vulnerable but it’s true. I’m just a human and I need help. I can’t live alone. Imagine how uncomfortable it is when you can’t speak out because you don’t know whom you can trust. Then, how great it could be when you have some people whom you can talk about everything. That happened to me. It felt relieved, light and safe. What do you really want in life if it’s not some good friends? Well, a faithful friend is hard to find. Only time can tell.

Last two weeks, we had “New kids on the block”-Hyper Island party. I was feeling ill but I still attended. It was good. I met my friends who I didn’t meet for a while. There were a lot of hugs and love. Sometimes I just had to let go of what I was holding. Many times I didn’t know what it was, but it’s burning me. I have a photo from the party-me with Filip and Thia :D

New kids on the block party

After that party, on Saturday, I went to Uppsala again to kulturnatten and to see “Quoting Constantine” gig. It’s my dear friend-Filip’s band. It was great and impressive. I had been supporting him and his band for a while. It just felt good and inspired to see a new-born-small band growing up in time. Learning and seeing another world in another aspect of life just open up my mind and give me good energy, inspiration, happiness and meaning of life. It also convinces me that giving is good. I could say that I had been spending a lot of time, some money and some effort to this band. I didn’t expect anything back. I just felt good to give. What I got back was their happiness and that made me happy as well. How could you be happy if you give because you want something back? Why don’t just share when you have enough to share? Sharing is caring, they say.

Quoting Constantine

Last week, I just applied for Swedish class. It’s quite late even though Filip said it’s about time! I felt like I had to do something if I want to stay here after Hyper Island. I had to live like I would live here. However, the only thing certain is uncertainty. So, let’s see in time. I might give up after two weeks. Who knows!

Here is another set of my reflection. You might see when my bad time and good time was. You can also see when I had a party and when I went to Uppsala.


Take care and see you later,

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October 15, 2013 at 12:50

love ur reflection collection :)

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