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Hello there,

It had been almost 2 weeks already that many of my friends had flown away. It’s sad but every life has to move on. Hope we would meet again some day.

During these few weeks, I had been working on my final project of this second last module. I was making toilet maps for the metro in Stockholm. I found out that there are about 100 metro stations…damn. I had never thought that there are that much. This is only metro. There are some more kinds of train in Stockholm as well. No, that’s not in my project plan. I spent 5 days last week doing field research and I got more than half way already. It wasn’t that easy though. It wasn’t only sitting on a train and taking a short walk around the station…well, technically, it was, but some stations has more than 1 exit. I spent around 5 hours a day commuting and walking in and out. Extremely tired! but it would end soon and, hopefully, I would have a nice work in my portfolio.

I also got other good news. After getting stressful and frustrated, I got an internship already! Yes, it’s in Stockholm. I wouldn’t have to move :D Thank those who had helped me this time. I really appreciated so much. It would start in the next 2 weeks. Hope it would be fun!


Somehow I felt quite strange about the situation right now. Many people left the Stockholm. Some flew back home. Some flew to another country to do their internship. Well, we didn’t have any commitment but in time I saw that it was just the skin that we know each other-nothing more than that, I assumed. It seemed like many people are tired of this kind of network. Well, there were, of course, some nice and real people. Hopefully, whom I trust are real, not fake. We would see in time…


I have one birthday card that I made to my Belgian friend-Frederik. Honestly, I had tried to make it as nice as I can but I don’t why it always looks better in my sketchbook. Sorry bro :/


Here is another set of my drawing project-100 days of feelings (These are day 61-80).


Touch wood,

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November 10, 2013 at 08:29

You’re a talanted artist Best! Keep it up.

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