First Week Internship

Heyho everyone,

I had started my internship at River and it had been one week already. I felt nervous, insecure and unsure. I didn’t know if it was normal though I didn’t know what to expect from the very first days. The office itself is very open and friendly. People are nice. Everything seems to be fine. I was kind of alright. Let’s see what would come up later…


Besides my internship, there was the other project that I had been working for three weeks already-the toilet maps for Stockholm metro travellers. It was almost done. Actually, it was done but I just needed some more feedback on my work for the last change.

I had learned a lot when I went out to do the field research. I learned how to collect data, information and details. I can see the difference of the data between the first and the last station that I had collected. Also, there were some stations that I had to revisit to collect the missing details. Well, the process was not that easy. After gathering all resources I wanted, I started working on the design part. It supposed to be fun but it turned out not that fun. Working with a lot of information is quite tricky when it comes to design part and has to deliver the desired response. I actually wanted to make the maps fun and informative, but in fact, I had to cut down some information and feelings in order to keep it simple, informative and understandable otherwise it would be too messy. Well, it was just 100-stations-with-a-lot-of-details on one page. What can I do?

Anyway, let’s check them out and say what you think. I’m open for the feedback (preferably constructive feedback). By the way, these are not done yet. (Sorry for the quality of the image.)

Stockholm metro toilet map-green line Stockholm metro toilet map-red line Stockholm metro toilet map-blue line Stockholm metro toilet map

These are the original maps that I used for the start point.

Stockholm metro maps


Now, let’s talk about life. There always be something coming up in everyday life. Some say life is a lesson. I think so far I had seen a lot of cases and I had taken in some and learned from them. Here are lessons I’d like to share.

I learned not to compare myself to others (if it’s not necessary) because it has never turned out positive. Well, if they are worse than me, I suppose to feel happy, right? No, I’m not the person who looks down upon others. Better not to do that. However, if they are better than me, it will make me feel down or envious. So, that’s not the way to go. What I learned was that I should focus on what I can do, what I want to do and try to make it better and better. It’s better to spend the energy on myself than to be jealous of others.

I also learned to be honest. I see some people acting like a good person to someone, but behind his/her back, they are ready to stab him/her. What a faker. It is really disgusting to me. I would never be like those guys. Yes is yes. No is no. Why do we have to pretend to each other?

That might be enough lessons for today.


And here is the last set of the “100 days of feelings”-day 80-100! After 5-15 minutes every night for 100 nights, I had made 100 rough sketches for my inspiration…maybe not for now, for those 500-1500 minutes I spent, I believe they would pay back in some way.



See you later then,

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