Good Sunday

Hi there,

The real spring had come. Stockholm was getting greener and greener. The weather was getting warmer and warmer as well. Though the sun was about to take over the night again…excessive sunlight!

I had been working on my new internship for 3 weeks already. It had been up and down all the time. At my new place, I was responsible for the rebranding project and marketing strategy. So, I was both a creative and a designer or maybe an art director as well. It was really challenging and not easy at all. The good thing was that I had a chance to work on the real stuff with very senior people. Yeah, this was not a test project. This was real. However, I didn’t have a team…Apart from my mentor/boss and her husband, I was working alone. Luckily, the partner of the company was the CEO of Oakwood(the creative digital agency) who could help me along the way.

Phew…that was heavy stuff. Let’s talk about something else.

Today, while I was writing this blog, it was Easter Sunday. This was the long weekend. On Saturday, I had a good opportunity to visit Uppsala. Yeah, with that guy-Filip, and his company-Patrick, Simon, Caroline. We had a very nice dinner, played cards, drank some booze and went out. And today, Sunday, we went to the park, chilled out and played a ball. Then, I left in the late afternoon.


It was really nice and simple, nothing complicated. It was just a small homemade Easter celebration, but I felt very thankful and overwhelmed with a lot of feelings (and tired). This was one of the most precious moments in Sweden to me. I wish I could do it again and again :’)

Here is another set of my reflections project. A lot of things happened…


See you later,

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