Marching On

Hello there everyone,

It had been almost a month that I hadn’t updated my blog. Many things had happened in this month. The season was changing as well as my internship. I didn’t want it to happen but it happened :/

I was sick in the beginning of this month. After being healthy for a year and half (since I left my homeland), I eventually got cold. It started from my shoulder got injured from the gym, so I had to stop working out. Then, (I guess) I became weaker and got cold. Nothing was serious though.

I also had a chance to attend to One Republic lived in Stockholm! I went there with my dude-Filip. It was just GREAT AND AWESOME!

One Republic

In the middle of the month, after sitting there having nothing to do for a couple of weeks, I decided to quit my internship. Well, I just wanted to work and do something and if there was nothing I can do, why should I keep going there? In the same time, my friends at Common Fans-Pini and Johan had a project coming up. Therefore, I jumped in and started working with them for temporary.

Next week I would start my new internship at Girlie. I really hoped it would work out somehow.


My time in Sweden was depleting. I wished I could stay here after Hyper Island. I started to feel like a cancer patient who is told that he will die in the next 3 months…Anyway, whatever will be, will be. I just had to do my best as if I can stay for only the next 3 months. So, there wouldn’t be any regret.

Here comes my next individual project. Continuing from my reflection drawings, I had upgraded it to the next level with water colour painting. Water colour has never been easy to me D: Guess when the concert was, when the day I quit my previous internship was, and what my project with Common Fans was about.


Thank you for reading. See you other time.

Sleep tight,

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