First Month Internship

Hellooo guys,

The first month of my internship had just passed. It was uneasy and stressed though. I felt very insecure and kind of lost in the first few weeks. Then, all of a sudden my mentor just came back. My frustration was over and I was kind of relieved. I got more tasks and responsibilities on projects and also had some talks with people and my dear friend. It helped me feel much better. I hoped it would be better and better from now on.


At this time, it was winter already but snow hadn’t come yet. It did but it was a few days and it had gone :( Christmas was coming soon this week but the temperature was still above zero. No white Christmas in Stockholm this year :( Never mind. I already had the best Christmas in my life last year (I’m Buddhist. Christmas is not my tradition) at my friend’s grandparent’s place (Renklint family). That was very kind of him (Johan) and his family to invite me to their place and experience the Swedish Christmas :’) So, let’s see where I would go this Christmas. I actually had a plan for the New Year holidays already. I was going to Tromsø in Norway for the northern lights again! I might have some photos to show in the next blog. Keep in touch!


Even though my reflection project was done, I decided to continue with “200 days of feelings”. Here is the first set-day 101-120. I also upgraded the technique by adding pen and markers.


See you later, Alligator

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