Happy New Fear 2014

Happy new year everyone,

Wish you all the best year ever!

My holidays were kind of okay-not that bad, not that good. I didn’t celebrate Christmas but I went to countdown at Skansen. There was a big event over there. It was kind of nice to experience Swedish New Year celebration. Most of my friends were outside Stockholm, so that sort of sucked. Anyway, I didn’t have many choices. I chose to be here, then I had to be here.

After New Year holidays, I had a trip in Tromsø, Norway. I went there to meet my old friend from high school-Pat and his friends from the university (They all were studying in England.). We had the Northern Lights hunting trip and fjord excursion. Of course, I got a lot of nice photos. The country is very spectacular with beautiful scenery, and breathtaking seascape. So, that was a great start of the year.

Here are some of my photos from the trip.

DSC_0020_ DSC_0168 DSC_0084 DSC_0144 DSC_0138

During this time, my life supposed to be normal like a straight horizontal line with a bit of ups and downs, however, I learned to challenge myself all the time, I would say. In order to improve myself, I had to step out of my comfort zone. Yes, I did and I tried to make it more extreme. See how far I went through. I was on the way and still didn’t know if it was going to fail or succeed. Mostly, it was mainly self motivation but when it becomes more extreme, only self motivation is not enough. For sure, I had a company taking this kind of challenge (or challenges) as well. When we had the similar direction/goal, why not do it together, right? So, along the way, if we get caught in the trouble, at least we can help each other out somehow. I see that it’s much better than to do it all alone. We can learn from each other, share insights and learning and so on. So, let’s see what I would learn and get from this.


Here is another set of my reflections from day121-140. Yeah, that’s the Christmas eve. Here, they celebrate Christmas on December 24th.


Have a nice year!

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