God Påsk

God påsk!

Happy Easter everyone. Even though I have nothing to do with Easter, it is still nice to go with the flow. Many people were celebrating Easter this weekend, and it seemed like a family time for many of them as well. Meanwhile Sweden was getting sunnier and warmer everyday. Spring is in the air!

Continuing from last month, this month was still stressful and hectic. Earlier I worked for 19 days in a row without a single day off. It wasn’t nice at all :S However, I had learned how to cope with a situation like that and push my limit. I wasn’t sure if I did it well, but at least I could carry on until now. Not every project was smooth, but it wasn’t that bad. I could say that I was quite productive and I learned a lot in these last few weeks, for example, I learned how to do HTML, CSS, JavaScript… Somehow I managed to code more than I expected and it was sort of fun although I struggled a lot.

Anyway, this period was over. The next period should be lighter, I hope :)

Here I have a project to show ;) It is called Foodie. It’s just a prototype of an app that helps people to translate the product label from another language and alerts if the product contains any allergen. I did it with some friends-Juho, Kaya, Melissa and Frida. See our blog here: http://dh2628group20.blogspot.se :)


After the hard working days, I got a chance to visit 3 museums with a French company-Guillaume Dickeli. They were Moderna museet, Armémuseum and Historiska museet. It was a bit tiring to go to 3 museums in a row but they were free and great!


Here is the Lángos dinner. A good friend-Giuliana Mozzi invited me to the Hungarian food party. It is a deep fried flat bread with cheese and some sort of sour cream on top. Just simply delicious and nothing complicated.


And the most promising event of this month was the French dinner. We had a lot of crêpes with ham, cheese and cheese, and Nutella! It was lovely and pretty as usual.


This is my hand after my first bouldering session last week. It was enjoyable but I wasn’t sure after I got these 3 spots in a row. It was nothing but painful (until now when I’m writing this blog T_T) Anyway, a big thanks to my good instructors-Antoine Baillod and Oliver Snow.


Recently I just had a burger party at the red house. Hosted by my Swiss company-Cyril Renevey. It was nice and delicious.


Last but not least, I just went trekking with some friends yesterday-Guillaume and Lukasz Bleszynski. As it seemed like a nice sunny day, we went to Tyresta. It is about 1 hour to the south of Stockholm. We hiked for like 4-5 hours. It was pretty exhausting actually but the weather was really nice. It was not too warm, not too cold. There was still some ice along the way and the lakes were still partly frozen. It was a good trip :D


See you another time!

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