Wrap Up

Hello there,

Almost 2 years ago, I came to Sweden alone. I had no clue what would happen to my life. I knew only one place in this country-Hyper Island. I knew I had to go there to study “Digital Media” for the next 2 years. I didn’t feel confident to talk in English. I felt uncomfortable with new people. There were some people that I encountered and it turned out awkward because I couldn’t handle the conversation. There were also some people at school that “unfriended” me because I didn’t talk to them much enough. I didn’t want to blame them and ask for a new chance. Things just didn’t work out as I expected, and I just can’t befriend with everyone. It hurt but we had to move on.

Anyway, these last intense 2 years taught me a lot about my life. I thought I learned so many life lessons. I made new good friends from those lovely people, those who would make me cry when I leave. Instead of feeling happy of going back home, I felt sad.

Now, the party was over. My two years in Sweden was almost done. My next chapter was about to begin. This transition took a lot out of me. The last day at Hyper Island was too much for me. There were too much love and too many tears. There was also too much dancing and it was fun :D

My situation was still unpredictable. I was still looking for a job around here. I sent out my job application to more than 300 companies already. I got a lot of “no”s and some interviews/meetings. I hoped it would work out somehow. Though I had 7 days left to stay in Sweden. After that, it would be much harder to find a job here…well, we could keep in touch and see what would happen to my life.


Some photos from the graduation ceremony.


Some photos from midsummer celebration on last Friday in Almunge at Jesper&Madde’s place (Filip’s friends).


This is the last set of my reflection project (day 281-300). Most of them are from the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck.

Thank you so much-Hyper Island, Sweden and all my beloved friends. I hoped I would see you again.

Puss puss,

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