Long Vacation

Hello there,

I left Sweden on 30 June, the last day I was allowed to stay. It was almost a week since I arrived home in Bangkok, Thailand. I still had jet lag. I slept and woke up during the night in an inappropriate time. It just felt so strange like everything had been frozen in these last 2 years. Last week I was in Stockholm and today I was in Bangkok. When I came home, everything was almost as same as when I left to Sweden. All memories were just recovered. Old habits, old friends, old lifestyle were brought back. I just flipped back to my another life.

But what about my life in Sweden? For my last few days in Sweden, I cried pretty much. It was a long painful moment. I knew that I came back home to meet my family and friends, and it was just the beginning of my new chapter. I would try as hard as I can to go back to Sweden again. I would try… All relationships that I had made in Sweden were just way too deep to break. I always felt sad when I could only see things happening in Sweden (from internet) but I couldn’t participate. It felt like I was emotionally attached to it.

Everyday I checked several job boards in Sweden and sent job applications to several companies. I started to realise that this would soon become a bad habit and something unproductive. Though I already had a plan for my life. Since July is a summer vacation in Sweden, many people stop working. Yes, many of them are out for vacations and come back in August. I would take this time to do some changes to my life and, after that, I would do some improvement for my profile in order to find a job. I would try not to fall into the trap. I just had to get on going and move forward.

Here is a photo from the graduation party. There are less than half of the class in this photo because some of us were at somewhere else and many of us were at another countries…sadly. (I don’t know what is wrong with my hand though :S)


Here is another group of lovely people I met in Swedish class at SFI. Hopefully, I’ll meet you again.


So, see you when I see you. Just keep in touch.

Later alligator,

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