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Hi there,

This April was a very weird month. Due to COVID-19, I had been working from home for the whole month. I actually went out less than 5 times for the whole month. The situation in Bangkok was still unreliable. The disease was still out there and all the people were looking at it closely. It was very scary. I also didn’t want to go out. 

Apart from my job (that I worked from home), I worked out at home. I was lucky enough to be able to buy some equipments to use when the gym closed. The yoga studio also had online classes for their members to join and I joined them as well. 

However, doing yoga in the morning and weight training after work somehow caused me some trouble. I guessed I just worked out too much so I became stressed and overtrained. As a result, I got shingles. I was in pain for a week. Luckily I got some support from my doctor friends so I went to see a doctor and got some medication just in time. Therefore it didn’t spread much on my body. 

Moreover, Animal Crossing New Horizons took a lot of my time. I started in the beginning of month and now I spent more than 200 hours playing this game already…It was a good game to spend time on. At least it helped me relax from my job and COVID-19 situation :/

Take care and stay virus free,

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