Work From Home Month 2

Hello there,

I was super busy in the past few weeks due to my full-time job. Even though I worked from home, my schedule was super tight everyday. It was actually tiring and stressful. I realized that I worked at home more than when I worked the office. I didn’t really know if it was because everyone was also at home and in front of the computer. So everyone was expected to work all the time and longer than it was supposed to be? Not sure if it happened in other places too…Anyway I didn’t really feel positive about this sort of working culture because it started to take over my personal life and time.

Looking outside, it seemed like COVID-19 was being resolved in Thailand. I didn’t follow the news but I heard that the number of new cases were close to zero or even zero on some days. That was very very good news. I hoped that things would get back to normal soon. Being at home everyday wasn’t really fun and healthy mentally and physically. I didn’t work out properly as I used to do because of the extended working hours. I got sick quite easy due to the stress and unhealthy routine :/

I hoped all my friends and their family around the world were safe from virus. Stay healthy guys :)

Last but not least, this is the group photo taken from the meeting with my teammates. We were trying to do the Cockroach. It wasn’t easy though. At least, we tried.


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